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    Never Miss These Crucial Warning Signs of Emotional Development Problems in Your Baby

    Never Miss These Crucial Warning Signs of Emotional Development Problems in Your Baby

    Updated on 19 February 2024

    Your child has stepped into a new world, and it’s time for Emotional Development Milestones. As a parent, it is essential to watch out every perspective of the baby's growth. This helps parents shape the baby into a good human being. In that manner, Emotional Development in babies is an imperative factor. Remember to monitor and correct emotional aspects while babies grow. 

    What is Emotional Development in a baby?

    The baby’s learning session of recognizing emotions, and controlling them through specific ways is termed emotional development. Though it’s a continuance, the base for such a process initiates during the baby’s first year. The baby is competent to manage feelings in this period with your relationship. 

    Emotional Development Milestones in First Year

    Every baby grows at their own pace but there are some common milestones you can expect them to reach by certain age groups. Here is an age-wise guide on what skills you can expect your little one to develop, things to do to encourage their development and signs of emotional development problems you should be wary of.

    Birth-3 Months

    Now that the baby is no longer alone in the womb, they will look for support and comfort from you. You should hold your baby, rock and cuddle them to create a bond. If your baby is fussy or crying, show them warmth and kindness. Within a few weeks, your baby will become more alert, make frequent eye contact and watch their surroundings. They will also learn about communication and expressions. At this stage, talk to your baby as much as you can.

    4-6 Months

    At this stage, your baby will respond to you, make silly faces and imitate your expressions. Your baby will become aware and notice things around them. Interact with your baby, respond to their reactions and babbles, read them books and laugh with them. These activities will help promote their social and emotional development.

    7-9 Months

    At this stage, your baby may be a little fearful of strangers, new environments or loud noises. They will also be curious, interactive and explorative. Offer your baby comfort and indulge them in games like peek-a-boo and reading to boost their interaction and emotional development.

    9-12 Months

    At this stage, your baby may start to recognise some words and try to express themselves. You should encourage them by talking to them and helping them to establish a connection between words and feelings. Your baby may have also developed preferences and favourites by now.

    Signs of Emotional Development Problems in Babies

    Have you noticed babies becoming overwhelmingly emotional? It's good and mandatory to handle feelings in life. But, for babies showing up intense emotional reactions in pleasant or happy scenarios, a pause is needed. This may be a sign of emotional development issue.

    Here are a few crucial warnings about emotional development problems in babies:

    • The baby may seem uneasy all time. They feel troubled, or tense resulting in feeding or sleep problems. 

    • Babies feel fearful of new scenarios and unenthusiastic to try things by stepping out of their comfort zone. 

    • They appear annoyed all the time and prompt to anger. 

    • The baby is tearful to face new scenarios.

    • Babies are unmotivated and exhausted to try new things. 

    • They show under-response or over-response at times. 

    • Babies face issues with feeding and sleeping.

    Final Thoughts

    The baby is ready to learn new ways of behaving by stepping out of their comfort zone. This happens after the baby feels safe and secure. The best advice is not to outburst while the baby outbreaks. Using facial expressions while playing and talking to the baby helps the baby learn emotions. From the onset, planning and concentrating on emotional development is crucial. Hope the information regarding emotional development is useful for new parents. 

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