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    What are the best sex positions that help you conceive faster? 

    Updated on 14 November 2022

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    Dr. Ritu S Santwani

    Infertility treatment, Cosmetology, Recurrent abortion treatment, Menopause, Hysteroscopy & colposcopy, PCOS/PCOD, Sexual health - M.D (Obst & Gynaec)| FICOG, FIAOG, AMRCOG, ART-Singapore

    Is it true that some positions during intercourse increase my chances of becoming pregnant? The answer is yes; certain positions help to place the semen higher up in the vagina and increase the chances of conception. As per the experts, if the couple has been trying for a very long time and not getting successful results, they must try different intercourse positions to get pregnant. Although there is no scientific research to claim this, there are still many age-old beliefs that the age and fertility of the couple matter.

    Having sex during the ovulated window may help you conceive faster. An intercourse position that can get sperm near the vagina (cervix) can make a woman pregnant. The most important thing is that semen should be ejaculated inside the vagina, and you should not wash it for at least half an hour or so. There are no sex positions that can guarantee conception, but couples can take advantage of gravity. Therefore, you can speed up the process of conception, and there is no harm in it. You might have heard old wives' tales that woman on top increases the chances of conception, these are not myths alone as some positions are better than others as gravity plays a role. Below mentioned are some popular sex positions to get pregnant faster and can separate the myths from mayhaps:

    Best Sex Position for Pregnancy

    Here are some of the best sex position for pregnancy that can help you conceive faster:

    1. Missionary

    One of the most common and popular sex positions, and yes, we can say that half of the world’s population has increased because couples love practicing this position. In this position, a woman lies on her back, and the man is on her top. This position allows deeper penetration and brings ejaculated semen closer to the vagina (cervix).

    2. Doggy Style

    Some men love this style because it allows deeper penetration, and men don’t have to put in the extra effort using their muscles. This position puts the woman on her hands and knees, and the man can insert their penis from behind. Your partner may hold your hips to make you comfortable. This position helps open the cervix and easily allows the semen to fertilize the eggs.

    3. Reverse Cowgirl

    In this position, a woman is on top facing her partner’s feet. When the woman is on top, she can control the depth of the penetration. And when you are controlling all the grinding and bumping, make sure that semen should pass through the cervix during ejaculation. No doubt, it can be a pretty wild ride for a woman in this position.

    4. Legs on the shoulder

    Gravity plays a significant role when trying to conceive. In this position, a woman is lying on her back, and her legs are on her partner’s shoulders. After ejaculation, it’s effortless for the sperm to swim up to the cervix. So, the chances of conception increase.

    5. Wheelbarrow

    No doubt, baby-making sex positions can be pretty adventurous. In this position, the woman is on her fours, and the standing partner can grab her legs and put them around his thighs to insert the penis from behind. This position allows for deeper penetration and is quite close to the cervix. It is similar to the doggy style but considered an athletic position.

    6. Side-by-side scissors

    This position, the couple faces each other by lying on their sides—one of the most romantic sex positions that can help you conceive faster as it allows deeper penetration.

    The sperms of a man are excellent swimmers, so you don’t need to raise your legs in the air after having sex with your partner. Instead, you can lie flat on your back or place a pillow under your lower back for 10-15 minutes, as that’ll help the sperm to swim faster in the right direction. Avoid douching, and you can clean your vagina after an hour to avoid urinary tract infection.

    Tips to Follow for a Faster Conception

    Apart from these best sex position for pregnancy, below mentioned are some tips that can help you conceive faster:

    • Consuming excessive alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette smoking can affect ovulation, hormones, and the menstrual cycle. It is better to avoid these to increase the chances of conception.

    • Keep your body weight under control by eating a nutritionally balanced diet and going for some exercise.

    • Having sex in the ovulation window can help you conceive faster, so you should have one ovulation predictor kit at home.

    • If you are above 35 years of age and have been trying to conceive for the last 6 months, you must consult a doctor.

    If you are daydreaming about holding a baby most of the time, then consider trying any of the above best sex position for pregnancy. Conception is a complex process and to increase the odds you have to tick most of the boxes. It requires a combination of correct timing, position, and health status of the couple. Get yourself all prepped up to welcome your baby with an open heart and a big smile.


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    Dr. Ritu S Santwani

    Infertility treatment, Cosmetology, Recurrent abortion treatment, Menopause, Hysteroscopy & colposcopy, PCOS/PCOD, Sexual health - M.D (Obst & Gynaec)| FICOG, FIAOG, AMRCOG, ART-Singapore
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