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    Top 10 Sex Positions to Get Pregnant: The Ultimate Guide for Couples Trying to Conceive


    Top 10 Sex Positions to Get Pregnant: The Ultimate Guide for Couples Trying to Conceive

    Updated on 22 March 2024

    Medically Reviewed by

    Dr. Shruti Tanwar

    C-section & gynae problems - MBBS| MS (OBS & Gynae)

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    Are you and your partner starting a family? Well as exciting as it sounds, you would want to put your best foot forward whether it is about trying the best sex position to get pregnant or the best time to have intercourse. Can trying sex positions to conceive work? Read the article to know more about sex positions to get pregnant fast and we will also share some practical tips to boost your chances of having a baby.

    Best Sex Position to Get Pregnant

    Now that you are all excited to learn more about top sex positions to conceive, you might be wondering what science says about it. Most importantly, the goal is to put the sperm as close to the cervix as possible, which is the canal that links the vagina to the womb.

    It is important to remember that no sex position promises conception, but certain sex positions for deeper penetration can be explored. These positions facilitate the sperm reaching the cervix as they naturally support gravity and hence the desired outcome. Let’s learn about the best sex position to conceive:

    1. Missionary Position

    Missionary is the classic sex position that facilitates deeper penetration and enables the sperm to deposit as close to the cervix as possible. You can put a pillow under your back to raise the penetration angle and enable the sperm to swim down the slope into the cervix. Experienced couples swear by this and regard it as the best sex position for pregnancy.

    2. Doggy Style

    The doggy-style sex position also allows deep insertion, and it is regarded as one of the best sex position to get pregnant fast. You must be on your fours and the penetration occurs from behind. This position opens the cervix and increases the likelihood of sperm meeting the egg. The angle of penetration in this position favours the chances of fertilization.

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    3. Reverse Cowgirl or Woman on Top

    Reverse cowgirl or woman on top is a good choice if you are on your family way. The male partner is on his back with the female seated on him and facing his toes. The woman is in more control in this position and can facilitate deep penetration. In this position, different spots in the vagina can be targeted and sperm has a higher probability of reaching the cervix.

    4. Side-By-Side Position

    In this position both the partners lie on their sides and face each other. The position is ideal for couples who wish to take it easy and prefer a gentler approach. The unique position to conceive fosters deeper connection and intimacy while enabling a unique angle for entry which supports the sperm’s journey to the cervix.

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    5. Leg-Up Position

    The position involves flexibility, where the female raises her legs and puts them on her partner’s shoulders. The angle of penetration enables a direct and deeper insertion, where the sperm is directed towards the cervix and gravity also plays the cupid. This position is a great option for successful fertilization during the fertile window, which is the best time to have intercourse.

    6. Glowing Triangle

    The glowing triangle is a modification of the classical missionary pose. The female lies on her back, but the male is on all fours while being on top of her. The female wraps her legs around her partner by elevating her hips. The glowing triangle allows deeper penetration and pushes the sperm to float to the destination faster.

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    7. Magic Mountain Position

    Magic mountain is an advanced version of the doggy-style, wherein the male bends over the female to the extent that her back is against his chest. The woman can prop up some pillows or cushions against her upper body to support proper balance. This position allows faster and deeper motion of sperm to help them reach the cervix faster.

    8. Edge of the Bed

    If you are wondering about the best position to conceive, then you can surely give this one a try. In this position, the female lies on the edge of the bed and her hips remain suspended in the air. The male stands tall and inserts while in a standing position. The edge of the bed position is one of the best sex positions for deep penetration and a unique angle, where the cervix can be easily touched upon by the little swimmers.

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    9. Standing Position

    In this position, both male and female stand facing each other, and the lady wraps her legs around his waist. The position enables deep penetration and is one of the most adventurous sex positions to conceive.

    10. Spooning

    In this position, lovemaking is performed while lying on the sides and the male penetrates from behind. This is amongst the best sex position to get pregnant while not compromising on comfort and intimacy.

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    Tips for fast conception

    Conception is a complex process that demands the right balance of multiple factors. With no further delay, we will be discussing a few practical and doctor-recommended tips that increase your odds of bringing a new life to this world. From the best time to have intercourse to managing your stress, these tips will be handy in boosting your fertility.

    1. Understand your menstrual cycle

    One of the most crucial factors is to keep track of your menstrual cycle and mark the days when you are most fertile. The fertile window is a term used to denote the days when you are fertile, and the ovum is ready to be fertilized. This time is usually a few days before and during ovulation.

    You must target these days to have sexual intercourse as it enhances the chances of sperm fertilizing the egg. If you are not sure about your ovulation timing, then you can use an ovulation test kit to identify your fertile window.

    2. Maintain a healthy weight

    Not being on the right side of the weighing scale not only impacts your appearance but can also negatively influence your fertility. Maintain a healthy weight through a healthy and nutritious diet and stay active to remain flexible and fit. Another add-on benefit is that you will be able to try different sex positions to get pregnant, especially the ones that require flexibility.

    3. Say goodbye to smoking and alcohol consumption

    Smoking bears an overall negative impact on the well-being of both men and women including reproductive health. Scientific research has found that smoking decreases natural fertility as it may impair semen quality by reducing the sperm count.

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    Similarly, alcohol consumption should also be avoided completely or reduced significantly as it is unhealthy and deteriorates fertility in both men and women.

    4. Manage stress levels

    According to a study, women who are constantly under stress are up to 20% less likely to conceive or carry a full-term pregnancy. Increased stress and anxiety can cause hormonal imbalance, which may impact fertility negatively.

    A rule of thumb is to focus on the controllable while engaging regularly in stress-busting activities like practising yoga, meditation, listening to soft music, or taking up a hobby class. These activities not only relax your brain but also improve your overall health.

    5. Consider vitamins and supplements

    Researchers have found that supplements that are rich in folic acid and vitamin B12 can enhance fertility if taken during the prenatal phase. These supplements limit the risk of neural tube defects in babies when taken before and during the pregnancy. Most importantly, fertility supplements can improve overall health and chances of conception.

    6. Focus on sexual wellness

    If you are planning to have a baby, then optimizing sexual health is essential. Men should avoid excessive heat exposure (like hot tub baths or saunas) as it raises the scrotal temperature and negatively impacts sperm production. Moreover, avoid wearing tight-fitting undergarments and exposure to harsh chemicals or toxins that may impact sperm quality.

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    Females should also practice good hygiene habits like washing the intimate area after urinating to avoid UTIs. In addition, regular health checkups and timely interventions can also elevate health and wellness.

    7. Have regular intercourse during fertile window

    Experts recommend having intercourse every day or every other day during the fertile window. It must be noted that doctors' advice is to stick to it just once a day as overdoing it can deplete the sperm count.

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    8. Stay in bed right after intercourse

    It is generally recommended to stay in bed for nearly 10-15 minutes after intercourse and avoid using the washroom during this time. The reason is to avoid gravity-defying position right after the intercourse.

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    9. Stay calm and seek professional guidance

    Many couples get impatient and start to panic only after a few attempts. Remember, conception may take some time even in ideal circumstances. If you have been trying for long without any success, then you can consider seeking professional guidance for further evaluation.

    The Bottomline

    Bringing a new life to this world is pure bliss, so focus on enjoying the ride and maintaining an affectionate and intimate relationship with your partner. A deeper level of connection and intimacy will help you sail smoothly on the journey to parenthood. Learning minute details including sex positions to get pregnant, may enhance your chances to see two pink lines on your pregnancy test kit. Remember to consider all the supporting factors such as timing of intercourse and keeping the stress away.


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    Medically Reviewed by

    Dr. Shruti Tanwar

    C-section & gynae problems - MBBS| MS (OBS & Gynae)

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