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    Baby Sleep Management

    Understanding baby sleep: 4-6 months

    Written on 7 November 2017

    Do you know that your baby’s internal clock has started working by now? The best fact is that babies can distinguish day and night by four months. These babies are traveling towards a consistent sleep pattern. Let us glimpse through a few ideas about baby sleep by four to six months of age. 

    Sleeping hours 

    • By four months, babies need 14 hours of sleep per day. 

    • Do you know that four months old baby can sleep for continuous eight hours at night even without feeding? 

    • During five months of age, babies sleep for 10 to 11 hours at a stretch. 

    • The sleep pattern is spread over 4 to 5 hours during the day with three naps. 

    • You will be incredulous to know that a six-months old baby needs 11 hours of undisturbed sleep every night. 

    • The baby also takes 3.5 hours of day nap by breaking it into two or three doses. 

    • Another interesting fact about these babies is that they are early risers. They rise early and cry, coo or gurgle for feed. 

    • Author and paediatrician Marc Weissbluth says parents should notice a baby’s sleep signals when the baby is ready for nap or tired. Few signs include rubbing eyes, yawning, losing interest in toys or people. Putting the baby to bed by observing such signals is best.

    • Infants mandate a routine, and hence establishing a bedtime routine is essential. Director of paediatric sleep medicine Nadav Traeger states, ‘The baby looks for a preference once the internal clock signals for sleep’. Generally, evening time is when the baby desires to sleep. Hence prepare him for bed during that session. 

    • By having a day time nap every day, a routine happens. It is good to read the baby a story or bathe them before sleep. By following the same time routine, the baby will also feel sleepy at the same time every day. Such a schedule makes them sleep easily.

    • The best suggestion would be to avert any activity or games before sleep time. The baby is excited by such an act and hinders sleeping sessions. 

    Similar to playing and eating, sleeping is essential for a baby’s growth. Throughout the first year, the sleep habits of babies change. Four to six months is crucial as the babies learn to sleep. Such ideas help the baby to set a sleeping pattern. 

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