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    Things To Know About Sex During Early Pregnancy

    Written on 8 July 2022

    Pregnancy is a rollercoaster for both your body and your emotions and this pretty much applies to every aspect of your life. One of those aspects includes your views on sex. Sex might be the last thing you would want through a difficult pregnancy well because that is what got you in this, in the first place. Or you might actually peak in the sexual drive quotient in this period. If you relate to the first feeling then just know it is okay to feel that way. You can focus completely on getting through the sickness and the difficult period to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. While on the other hand, if you see yourself in the second part then keep reading because this article is for you!

    Relieve Your Mind

    You are currently navigating through a whole new series of moments in your life. It is perfectly okay to be cautious and have hundreds of questions. Fortunately, we can help with the questions and ease your mind about this particular topic. Here are the answers to the most basic questions a pregnant woman worries about if she wants to proceed with intercourse with their partner:

    • Is the increased sexual drive normal?

    Your body goes through a million hormonal changes during pregnancy. With the meddling of these hormones, it is perfectly normal to go through a higher sexual drive. There is an increased blood flow to all parts of your sexual organs especially the clitoris, labia and vagina. This takes the sensitivity of these organs to new heights and causes extra sensations to occur. This heightened sensation takes your libido to a new level as well and that explains the high sex drive. The freedom from contraceptives like regular birth control or condoms can also play an important role in this change.

    • Will having sex hurt your baby?

    The baby is planted deep into the uterus lining and well protected by the uterus walls. And in the initial stage of the pregnancy, your baby is not even developed into a body. It is just a fertilized egg in the uterus. Thus, you can leave behind the worries of hurting your baby in the act. Just ensure proper and swift communication between you and our partner. Keep safe words or actions that indicate to him to stop when you feel uncomfortable and pick it back up after the feeling is completely gone and not recurring.

    • What positions are safe?

    As mentioned above, the baby is not quite developed yet. So you do not have to worry about positions while having Sex When Pregnant 5 Weeks. The only thing to keep in mind is the change that took place in your body. The positions that were comfortable before the pregnancy might be uncomfortable or even painful now. Share your experiences with your partner right away and keep experimenting to determine which course of action you can both enjoy while keeping your body comfortable.

    • When should you avoid sex?

    There is almost always a green light for having sex during the 5th week but there are certain situations where backing off, for the time being, will benefit you greatly. If you notice any bleeding or any fluid, the most common being amniotic fluid, discharging from your body, it is your cue to stop or avoid sex altogether for a while. These signs are not caused because of sex, they are caused by other factors of your body. But sex can accelerate the symptoms, so precautions are a must. Also, visit your OBGYN if you notice any kind of heavy discharge in your body.

    • Will sex result in a miscarriage of the baby?

    No sex cannot be accounted for the miscarriage of a pregnant woman. Miscarriage happens due to several different factors unrelated to sex. The most common factor is the inadequate development progress of the fetus which can lead to the loss of the fetus. But you can be assured that sex will not cause a miscarriage.


    Pregnancy is a very special time for a family, especially a mother. Find safe ways to this period to the fullest because this time will not come frequently in your life unless you really love kids!


    Pregnancy Sex Through the Trimesters

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