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    Physical Growth

    Is there a Perfect Shape for Your Baby’s Nose?

    Written on 7 November 2017

    When you are welcoming a new child into your life, it is a moment of immense joy and love for new parents as well as all other family members. When you hold the little bundle of joy in your arms, it certainly feels like there is no better feeling than being parents of a beautiful, healthy baby.

    Children are God's perfect creation and are perfect the way they are. But in a world where looks are given more importance over anything else, it is normal for parents and for families, in general, to be concerned with the look of the newborn. And when it comes to features of the face, one needs to be serious because that is the first thing one notices. So here are a few things one can do to enhance the shape of the nose of their newborn.

    What does a baby’s nose look like?

    A newborn baby is nothing like the one we see on television ads or on large hoardings. Instead, they are small, tiny, and red in colour. The size is so because obviously they are newborns and the colour is so because of the strenuous process of delivery and all the fluid they have inside themselves. But as they grow their body grows and their structure or we can say their shape also develops.

    The same is the case with the shape of a baby nose. Just like adults, many parents set irrational standards about how their baby will look. And when it doesn’t turn out their way, most of the time, they get upset. If you are thinking about your baby’s knows, here are some things you should know about.

    • Every newborn has a pug-like nose that is small and button-shaped. A newborn nose is not at all pointed, bridged and well-shaped, but it grows with time.

    • The shape of the nose gets squashed or flattened as the baby has to pass through the birth canal.

    • It is quite normal for a newborn to have a rounded and wide nose. The deformation of the nose shape is very common and similar to the deformation of the head shape in a newborn.

    Process of nose shape formation in a baby

    The nose is the first organ in the respiratory system. The formation or we can say the development of a nose in a baby starts from the fourth week of pregnancy and in the tenth week, the cells differentiate into bone, cartilage and muscles. The shape of the nose is due to nasal bone and nasal cartilage. The nasal septum works as a dividing wall, separating the nostrils and dividing the nasal cavity.

    When a newborn comes into the world, its nose is almost ready but not completely developed. It takes a week or sometimes a month for the baby's nasal bridge to fully develop. The shape of the nose changes as one grows and attains its perfect permanent shape in the adolescent years.

    How can you change the shape of a baby’s nose?

    Every new parent wants their baby to be the cutest and loveliest of all. It is also normal for a new mum or a new dad to be worried about their baby's odd features. But don't worry mommies and papas, because as your baby grows its features will also improve. The development in newborns is fast and hence the nose will also improve with time.

    In any case, if you are willing to try something, that is you want to know how to improve a baby's nose shape, you can try the following ideas:

    • The best way to improve the shape of a baby's nose is to massage the lower part that is cartilage regularly. The upper bony part can not be reshaped as it is a hard structure. But the Lower cartilage part of the nose can improve if massaged regularly and gently. The very common and well-acclaimed technique of nose message is to use your thumb and move upward and downward gently.

    • Use nice baby oil or baby cream for the massage as it will make the movement of the hand smooth and will reduce friction.

    • There are also baby nose shapers available in the market. So one can use them for shaping one's baby's noses. They come in different forms and can be bought easily through online shopping or offline shopping. But while buying keep the comfort of the baby your topmost priority and check the product quality before using it on the baby.

    Also, the shape of the nose changes and improves with time and becomes edgier and pointed as the baby grows. So the best thing to do is to wait it out and let the body take its course over time.

    What not to do to change the shape?

    While trying to change the shape of the nose of a baby there are a few things one should refrain from doing. Avoid pinching the nose of the baby. A lot of elders tend to advise the mother to do so saying that it can help. But just don't. The doctors also recommend that it is best avoided. The nose of a baby is very delicate and also in the development phase. Pinching in extreme cases may hinder the proper development of the nasal bridge and can cause damage to the baby's delicate nose and the child may need medical attention. Hence strictly avoid this pinching part.

    Also while massaging, be extra careful and gentle with the process. Keep in mind the comfort of the child and that this is not irritating or causing any kind of discomfort to the baby.

    Can the shape of a baby’s nose change?

    The shape of a nose is a genetic characteristic. So not a lot can be done but the least we can do is try. Genetic markers are hard to alter or let's say impossible. Also the upper hard part, that is the bone part cannot be changed. But there can be an exception that the bone of a newborn or a baby is not very strong and can be altered a little with daily massaging. The lower part, that is the cartilage, will respond effectively to massaging as the cartilage of a baby is very soft and can be reshaped.

    So can a baby’s nose shape change, yes the shape of a baby's nose can be changed to a good extent?

    Now, if the shape is very bad and the parents want to improve that odd feature surgery is always an option. One can consult a good doctor and can get the shape altered. The shape also gets deformed during the delivery process. The nose gets deflated or squeezed when the baby passes through the birth canal.

    Final Thoughts

    Like many new parents, one can be worried about the look of their baby and are concerned about their odd features. But don't worry dear new parents, the look of a newborn is a very temporary thing. Let the baby grow at its own pace and you will notice the difference in its outlook. They grow very fast in their first year and their features improve. So does the shape of their nose. Just keep massaging them properly and gently and your newborn baby will be the bundle of joy for you.

    One more thing that you should remember is that physical features are not always something to be worried about. If your child grows up and hears you - the parent they trust more than anyone - talk about how their features are imperfect, they will develop the ideas. Make sure you make them think positively about their features and how they look. Try to leave the developing features to time and kids will grow up happy more than anything else!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I change the shape of the newborn head?

    • One can message the head regularly using proper techniques. Also there are Pillows available specifically for this purpose. Also, it is always good to consult one's doctor if the case is bad.

    1. What is the normal weight of a newborn?

    • As per WHO, the average weight of a healthy newborn is 7 pounds (lb) 6 ounces or we can say 3.3 kilograms (kg).

    1. Are cosmetic surgeries safe for children?

    • It is not recommended to perform cosmetic surgeries on children unless it is absolutely necessary. But if a surgeon qualifies the child as “fit for surgery”, there is no issue to go ahead with it.


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