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    Walking milestones of your toddler

    Written on 18 May 2021

    With having a baby around, every day is a new experience. You get to see your baby doing something new each day. First smile, first turn, first giggle, the first time your baby calls you maa- everything is special. Similarly, once your baby starts crawling, you just can't wait when she/she will be on their legs and walking. There are many milestones your baby touches from birth, and walking is among them.

    Here are a few walking milestones ranked in order:

    • Around the age of 4-5 months, even when held upright, your baby will let her legs dangle and will try to push her little feet on whatever hard surface she comes into contact with.

    • As your baby starts to sit, crawl, and roll at around six months of age, they will also begin to bounce on their feet whenever you allow them to balance their legs.

    • Your baby will begin to pull themselves up with furniture assistance at the age of nine months.

    • Your baby will learn to bend their knees and sit down from a standing posture when they are 9 to 10 months old.

    • Around the age of 12 months, your baby may be able to take a few steps forward with some assistance and eventually learn to stand on their own. Another possibility is that your baby may walk holding both your hands.

    • Most toddlers learn to walk by the time they are 13 months old, but they may be a little shaky at first. If your baby hasn't started to walk by the time she's 13 months old, she may require a few more months, and that's perfectly normal.

    Your baby's steps for a few days will be unsteady. It's almost like you will have to keep a close watch on your child because the chances are that your baby will walk five steps and then fall at the 6th. Your baby will learn to walk perfectly eventually.

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