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    Baby Massage

    Baby Massaging Tips and Techniques That'll Help All New Moms

    Written on 20 June 2019

    What Should You Do Before Massaging Your Baby?

    Your first priority should be to find the best place for massaging your baby. The area should be comfortable for both you and your baby. Carefully place your baby on the towel or blanket. The room should be cozy and warm for the baby (neither too hot nor cold).

    It is recommended to keep away any distractions such as pets or mobile phones away from your sight. Put on some music or sing to your baby while massaging. Choose any good baby oil or lotion for the massage, as it helps your hands to glide smoothly on your baby’s skin. If your baby has some skin condition such as eczema, it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting any massage.

    There are certain oils and lotions - such as, mustard oil, aqueous cream, unrefined peanut oil, and others, which should not be used for baby massages, these oils may harm the soft and delicate skin of your baby. Mylo has a baby massage oil with the goodness of Pure Cow Ghee and Almond Oil for a safe, gentle and effective care.

    How to Massage a Baby – Step by Step

    After preparing your baby for the massage, you may use the following newborn baby massage techniques for the head, face, back, chest, tummy, legs, and feet of your baby.

    1. Head

    Take some oil in your palm and pat it on your baby’s head. Apply it gently in circular strokes for spreading the oil over your baby’s head. Take care of the fontanel (the soft spot on your baby’s head) and do not apply pressure to it.

    2. Face

    Gently apply some oil on your baby’s face and tap with your fingers. Allow your fingers to work from the forehead towards the chin. By putting gentle pressure on the eyebrows, stroke your fingers in an outward direction. Apply gentle strokes on the cheeks, chin, and nose of your baby.

    3. Colic-Relief

    Ones you are done with the belly massage, fold your baby’s knees up to the tummy and apply gentle pressure. Hold this position for almost 30 seconds, and again repeat it a few times. Massage your baby’s tummy, from below the naval area, in a downward motion. This helps in releasing any gas. Still, if your baby feels the colic pain quite frequently, you can try out using a Tummy Roll- On which is made from natural ingredients.

    4. Back

    Make your baby lie on the tummy. Massage with both your hands, from the base of your baby’s neck to the buttocks, by back and forth movements of your hand. Apply gentle pressure in a circular motion with your fingers, on your baby’s spine.

    5. Chest

    You may place both your hands on the center of your baby’s chest and make outward strokes towards the shoulders. You may repeat this motion for a few times. You may place your hand horizontally and make downward movements too.

    6. Tummy

    Starting at the base of your baby’s rib cage, use your fingers to massage your baby’s tummy in circular motions. Take your fingers around the naval area and massage in a clockwise direction. You may place your hand horizontally on your baby’s tummy and move your hands side to side. You should avoid infant abdominal massage if the cord has not completely dried and healed properly.

    7. Legs and Feet

    Apply a downward stroke from the thighs to the ankle on your baby’s legs. Hold your baby’s thigh and massage with both your hands by rotating in opposite directions (the way you wring the clothes after washing).

    Take your baby’s foot and apply gentle pressure using your thumb in an upward motion, from heel to toe. Make use of your hand to stroke the whole foot of your baby. You may gently pull each toe while massaging and by using small circular motions massage around the ankles of your baby.

    You may follow the baby massage steps as mentioned above, however, make sure you do not apply more pressure on any of part of your baby’s body.

    Some Tips

    Here are some baby massage tips that you may follow while massaging your baby:

    1. Apply Gentle Pressure

    Your baby is very delicate and soft, therefore refrain from applying excessive pressure or stronger strokes during massages. It is also recommended to refrain from massaging the genitals and around the groin area of your baby.

    2. Make Sure the Baby is in a Good Mood

    Never massage a cranky or irritable baby. If you find that your baby is uncomfortable during massaging a particular body part, it is advised to skip that part and move to the other part. However, if the baby appears unhappy or uncomfortable, stop the massage session.

    3. Talk to Your Baby

    You may smile, giggle or talk to your baby during the massage sessions. You may even sing or hum to your baby. Engaging your baby in talks keeps your baby interested and happy.

    4. Try to Make A Routine

    It is advisable to adhere to the massage timings and not bring in many changes. Sticking to the schedules helps the baby to get into a routine and thus more comfortable and ready for the massage sessions.

    5. Wipe Off Excess Oil

    After you finish the massage, you should wipe off your baby’s palm and fingers nicely, as the babies usually put their fingers inside their mouths. It is also recommended to choose an oil that is safe for your baby.

    Baby massage has many benefits as it is one of the best ways to bond with your baby. You may continue massaging as long as you want. However, if you have concerns or queries regarding baby massage, it is advised to talk to your doctor.

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