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      Is It Safe To Frequently Eat Cake During Pregnancy?

      Pregnancy Journey

      Is It Safe To Frequently Eat Cake During Pregnancy?

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      During pregnancy, a woman needs to pay extra attention to the types of food she consumes because every food she consumes will impact the child's development. Often, pregnant mothers crave a particular kind of food during pregnancy. It can be spicy, salty, sour, or sweet. These cravings differ from individual to individual.

      People with a sweet tooth naturally experience a craving for desserts, which makes them inclined toward foods like cakes and pastries. So, for a woman who frequently craves cakes in pregnancy, it is essential to know the effects it can have on the child's health.

      Can a pregnant woman eat cake?

      There is no harm in eating cakes during pregnancy. However, it is advisable to avoid eating too much cake during pregnancy. A pregnant woman must be more cautious than usual about her health and must follow certain precautions to keep herself and the baby healthy. That said, eating a couple of slices of cake during pregnancy is neither harmful to the baby nor the mother.

      Desserts such as cakes are high-calorie foods that offer minimal nutrition. They are prepared with refined sugar, saturated fats, and flour. The presence of high sugar content can trigger gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Therefore, the answer to the question of can pregnant women eat cake is that eating cakes in large portions is unhealthy during pregnancy, just as it is unhealthy in any other phase of life.

      Why is it best to stay away from cakes when pregnant?

      A woman should avoid eating excessive amounts of cakes in pregnancy as they can cause health issues. Healthcare specialists have enumerated the potential risks of eating cakes during pregnancy, which are as follows:

      1. Weight gain

      Pregnancy is a period where a woman gains weight very rapidly. This is due to the growth of the baby and the inflammation that a woman faces in the later days of the pregnancy. Eating cakes and desserts can add to this rapid weight gain. Most health professionals advise against excess amounts of cakes or any sweet during pregnancy as they have very high calories and are low in nutrition.

      Furthermore, some cakes contain saccharin as a sweetener. This chemical can not only lead to weight gain but can also harm the foetus.

      2. Risks of getting an infection

      The immune system of women becomes weak during pregnancy, which puts them at a higher risk of getting an infection. The cake batter can sometimes become a breeding ground for bacteria, due to dirty utensils or cooking appliances. Even homemade cakes can carry bacteria such as E.coli or toxoplasma.

      3. Contains unhealthy supplements

      Many bakery cakes and cake mixes contain unhealthy supplements such as taste enhancers, flavourers, and preservatives. All of these ingredients can harm the baby and the mother and are best avoided.

      What kinds of cakes may I consume when I'm pregnant?

      Can a pregnant woman eat cake? Well, the answer is yes. However, one should eat cakes with minimal sugar and refined flour content. The type of cakes that one can eat during pregnancy include:

      • Angel food cake: This cake contains no fat content like butter, and one can eat it to satisfy their sweet cravings during pregnancy. However, one should not consume this cake if they have gestational diabetes.
      • Dark chocolate cake: Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which are beneficial for a pregnant woman. They can eat this cake in small portions. However, you should ensure that the dark chocolate cake has no alcohol content in it.

      What should pregnant women remember when they are craving cake?

      Here is a list of things that a pregnant woman should consider while consuming cakes during pregnancy.

      • Check all the ingredients that are added to the cake and ensure that there are no artificial preservatives present in it.
      • Homemade cakes are preferable as compared to store-bought cakes to ensure that they are fresh and free from bacteria.
      • Portions are one of the most important things to consider while eating cakes. One should consume cake in small portions only when the craving is at its peak.
      • If a woman is facing complications from eating cakes, she should consult her nutritionist.
      • When preparing a homemade cake, one should not taste the raw batter to check the flavour, as it can contain bacteria that usually get killed over the course of the cooking process.
      • Try not to add icing to the cake to ensure that the caloric intake is managed. Cakes can still be delicious without icing and frosting.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Can I eat chocolate cake during pregnancy?

      Yes, one can eat chocolate cakes during pregnancy. However, one should ensure that one consumes it in small portions and that the cake does not contain excessive sugar or added preservatives that can harm the baby or mother.

      2. Is cake a pregnancy craving?

      Yes, it is normal for a pregnant woman to crave cakes during pregnancy. Women can feel excessive cravings if they have a sweet tooth.

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