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    Sex Life

    How to Use Female Condoms

    Written on 17 June 2022

    A female condom is a flexible pouch placed into the vagina or anus before sexual intercourse. A female condom reduces the chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and establishing a pregnancy. The thin silicone-coated nitrite sheaths or polyurethane collect the liquid ejaculated.

    Female condoms look slightly different from male condoms. Condoms for penises have a pouch with a spongy, flexible ring at the end. The ring portion is the closed-end, held to the vagina. On the other side, the open-end ring remains outside the vagina during sexual intercourse.

    How to use female condoms correctly?

    Also known as internal condoms, they have several advantages over male condoms. These condoms help prevent pregnancy by stopping sperm from coming into the vagina during contact. They also offer protection against STIs or sexually transmitted infections, such as viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. A few Food and Drug Administration-approved female condoms are the FC1 and the FC2. The FC1, made from plastic, is no longer produced. The FC2 is made of synthetic rubber known as polyurethane and nitrite.

    Female condoms are inserted similarly to how tampons are. It can appear a little complex initially, but a little practice is all you need to figure it out.

    Here’s how to use female condoms correctly:

    • When you have intercourse, use a new condom.
    • Do not tear it when you open the package.
    • Insert the condom before any contact between the anus and vagina or penis.
    • Place lubricant on the closed end of the condom.
    • Look for the most at ease position to put it in. You might like to squat, stand with a leg on a chair or lie down.
    • Wring the ring on the closed end of the condom and put it in your vagina as far as it will go. For anal sex, place it as far as it will go into your bottom.
    • Allow the ring to go off to open and remain in place.
    • Let the ring on the other end suspend about an inch outside your vagina or bottom.

    Effectiveness of female condoms

    Female condoms work as long as you use them correctly. They are about 95% effective, which means you can avoid pregnancy.

    How to Use Female Condoms to Avoid Pregnancy?

    Female condoms stop pregnancy by preventing fertilisation. Use this condom by inserting it into the vagina before sex, but ensure there is no contact between the penis and vagina before you insert the condom, as the penis can release semen even before the climax.

    How to Wear Female Condoms?

    If you are wondering how to apply female condoms, follow these steps:

    1. Find a comfortable position.
    2. While holding the outside of the condom at the closed end, compress the sides of the inner ring jointly with your forefinger and thumb and insert it into the vagina.
    3. Use your finger, and push the inner ring until it rests against the cervix.

    Can all women use a female condom?

    Most women can use female condoms safely. They can be used immediately after childbirth, abortion, or miscarriage. However, female condoms should be avoided if one does not feel comfortable touching their genital area or suffers from a condition such as vaginismus.

    Advantages of using female condoms

    • Safeguard both partners from STIs
    • No serious side effects on the user’s health
    • You can insert a female condom up to 8 hours before intercourse
    • Safe to use for individuals with latex allergies, as these condoms contain nitrite

    What factors can lower the efficacy of female condoms?

    • Vaginal contact of the penis post-ejaculation
    • Pushing the condom deeper than it needs to be inserted inside the vagina
    • Any accidental damage to the condom by sharp jewelry or fingernails

    Wrapping up

    Female condoms offer a more enjoyable, allergy-free, and effective way to help stop unwanted pregnancy. They also effectively prevent the spread of STIs. Make sure to follow the package directions to insert and remove them properly. You can also use them with your choice of lubricant without reducing their effectiveness.


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