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    How do Female Condoms Work?

    Written on 14 June 2022

    The use of contraceptives while having sex is essential and prevents sexually transmitted infections (STI) and unwanted pregnancies. With increased awareness of contraceptives, apart from different types of condoms for men, female condoms have also been introduced. While the use of condoms for men is common, female condoms are hardly discussed, so there is a lack of awareness and information about them.

    Female condoms are highly effective but may be uncomfortable for women who do not like tampering with their vaginal areas. Female condoms are long plastic pouches made of nitrile (artificial latex-free rubber). They go all the way inside the vagina. The borderlines of the condom prevent semen and other fluids from entering the body. In this article, we will detail how female condoms work, their benefits, and their effectiveness.

    How do female condoms work?

    As mentioned earlier, the female condom prevents the semen from fertilizing the egg by stopping it outside at the condom lines. The female condom should be placed on the vagina before sex. Female condoms are 95% effective, which means 5 out of 100 girls can still get pregnant after using condoms. For couples not using condoms, the chances of pregnancy are 21 out of 100.

    After understanding what female condoms are and how they work, let us look at how to use them while having sex.

    • Open the packet carefully, keeping in mind not to tear the condom while removing it.
    • Keep the condom straight, and there should be no folds or twists in it before or after inserting it into the vagina.
    • Squeeze the condom and put it inside the vagina. Always remember to put the open end of the condom outside that should cover the vagina from the outside, and the inner ring should go beyond the pubic bone. That is it.
    • You can use water-based lubricants for lubrication.
    • Make sure to cover the outer ring with your hand after sex or before standing up to prevent any fluid from falling on the bed or carpet.
    • Go to the bathroom, and pull the condom out gently. Like male condoms, these should also be used only once.
    • Always dispose of the used condom in the dustbin. Do not flush it, as it may clog the plumbing line.

    Tips for using female condoms effectively.

    • Never use the male and female condoms together, as the friction between them may cause tears in the condoms.
    • Be careful while tearing the packet, and ensure that it does not get tampered with by your nails or any jewelry.
    • Always use water-based lubricants for better performance. Avoid petroleum-based lubricants.
    • If the condom breaks during sex, the outer ring gets inside the vagina and stays inside. Remove it immediately and use a new one.
    • If the condom breaks during sex, consult your doctor or a pharmacy for contraceptive pills for precautions.
    • Always use a new condom every time you have sex.

    Advantages and disadvantages of female condoms

    After understanding how female condoms work, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of using female condoms.

    Advantages of female condoms

    • The female condoms protect from STIs and unwanted pregnancies.
    • There are no side effects to using it, while using contraceptive pills regularly can have side effects on women’s health.
    • It can be used during menstruation, pregnancy, recent delivery, and miscarriage.
    • It provides comfort and safety to women whose partners do not want to use condoms during sex.
    • They are not made of latex, so using them is not uncomfortable.
    • There is no urgency to remove it just after sex, so you can continue enjoying the moment.

    Disadvantages of female condoms

    • The friction produced during sex can decrease the pleasure of sex. Using water-based lubricants can help heighten the experience of female condoms.
    • Female condoms make weird noises when they contact the partner’s privates. This can be reduced using water-based lubricants.
    • Sometimes, the woman may not be aware of any fluid entering the vagina because of the wear and tear of the condom.
    • Female condoms are not readily available compared to male condoms and are costly.
    • The female condoms do not cut the 100% risk of STI but reduce the risk manifold.


    Female condoms are effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and reducing the risk of STIs. Knowing about female condoms and how does it work, their benefits, using them effectively, and the risk of not using them properly is essential. It would pave the way for women to encourage each other to use them for safer sex. Using it is easy, and allows partners to enjoy a stress-free good time.


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