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    How to get pregnant with twins ?

    Written on 28 July 2022

    A woman's most excellent rewarding experience is giving birth. Some invite twins into their lives to double their happiness. Unfortunately, having twins isn't always luck, even though most are unplanned. Women can improve their chances of how to get pregnant with twins by taking specific steps, such as consuming certain herbs and engaging in particular sex positions.

    Types of twin babies

    The conception of identical twins occurs when one sperm fertilizes one egg, which is subsequently divided into two distinct embryos. These twins have the same genetic components and also genetic structures. Additionally, identical twins share a placenta.

    Non-identical twins do not share some standard features and have the same genetic structure as siblings of the same parents. For example, each non-identical twin will have its placenta.

    How to Have Twins Naturally?

    Having twins naturally is a dream for many couples who want to have children. Although the chances of conceiving twins are 1 in 250, women can do a few things to increase the chances.

    First, it is essential to know that twins run in families. If the parents or grandparents had twins, the chances of having twins are increased. Twins are also more common in certain ethnic groups, such as African Americans and Native Americans.

    More cases of having twins are also raised for women over 35. But, it is because older women tend to release more than one egg during ovulation.

    A few medical conditions can also increase the chances of having twins. For example, if women have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), women are more likely to conceive twins. PCOS is a condition that causes the ovaries to develop cysts.

    Experts say humans have a higher chance of getting a twin-baby pregnancy naturally. Recent medical advances have shown that it's typical to conceive two or more embryos, but only one survives.

    What factors lead to an increased chance of having twins?

    Several variables can increase a woman's likelihood of having twins:

    • Heredity: Twins are common in families with the twin gene. A mother with many twins in her family is likelier to give birth to twins.

    • Age: Fraternal twins are more common in women who wait until later in life to get pregnant. It is because women over 35 produce more follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

    • Multiple pregnancies: Having twins is more likely during pregnancy. The body's ability to maintain fertilised eggs improves after the initial pregnancy.

    • Race: It has been noticed that white and African persons have the highest incidence of twins. The incidence of having twins is lower in Hispanic and Asian populations.

    • Body type: Research indicates that taller and more prominent in size women are more likely to have fraternal twins than more petite women.

    How to increase the chances of getting twins baby pregnancy naturally?

    Below mentioned options may increase the chances of having twins:

    1. Eat dairy items: Women who eat dairy products are more likely to give birth to twins. According to certain scientists, milk from cows that have been given growth hormones might aid in the formation of twins.

    1. Wild yams: It aids in stimulating ovaries and promotes the release of additional eggs, increasing the chances of ovulation. It may help to conceive a twin. It's also been said that because African women consume ethnic cuisine, they have a higher chance of having twins.

    1. Stop taking birth control pills: It's critical not to use them if one wants the twins to be conceived naturally. When one ceases taking a birth control pill, the body has to adjust to the normal cycle. It creates a more excellent hormone flux than usual in the body. Therefore, there is a more significant probability of getting twins.

    1. Pregnancy during breastfeeding: If women get pregnant while breastfeeding her kid, the chances of having twins rise considerably. The extra prolactin in the system from breastfeeding increases the likelihood of twin births.

    1. Have a gap between pregnancies: Having a healthy gap between two pregnancies can increase the odds of having twins. Rapid conception may decrease the chances of conceiving twins.

    1. Make foods high in Zinc for the partner: Zinc-rich foods, such as green leafy vegetables, oysters, bread, and seeds, help men produce more sperm and have a better chance of fertilising additional eggs.

    What are the Best sex positions to get pregnant with twins?

    These sexual postures may enhance the chances of conceiving twins:

    1. Side by side: When the woman bends her knees, her partner penetrates from behind. It is known as the "doggy style." The sperm will reach the cervix easier when the woman is in this position, making it possible for her to have twins.

    1. The standing position is another doggie style with the potential for deep penetration.

    1. The position of a missionary: The man-on-top work facilitates sperm entry into the egg and is the optimal sex position for having twins.

    1. Rear entrance position: In this scenario, the partner comes in from the back, and because of this positioning, the sperm remains relatively close to the woman's cervix.

    Twin Pregnancy by Medical Treatment for Uniformity

    Fertility treatments may increase the possibility of getting twin pregnancy. Fertility experts can recommend the best medicine. But experts say that fertility treatments shouldn't be used to have more than one baby.

    In-vitro fertilisation (IVF): There is a 20–40% chance that a woman with IVF will have more than one child. That's true, but it all depends on the number of embryos implanted into the uterus. Twins are more likely to occur among couples who use fertility treatments such as IVF.

    Intrauterine insemination (IUI): During this process, sperms are inserted into the uterus via a syringe. There's no proof that IUI enhances the chance of twin births. Women undergoing this treatment are also prescribed fertility medications to improve the chances of pregnancy.

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    There are still no proven methods for getting a twin baby in pregnancy; several factors can boost the likelihood of this type of pregnancy. A twin pregnancy may be indicated by several symptoms, including morning sickness that is more severe and a rapid increase in weight. In addition, regular medical checkups will increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.


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