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    Does an intimate wash help to get rid of vaginal itching

    Written on 3 August 2022

    With the continuous changes in lifestyle, there is a demand for various types of healthcare products. The internet has played a significant role here, providing information, help, and an understanding of every product. When there is so much variety, choosing the best can be difficult. Intimate wash is one such product where safety is the utmost concern. Before buying it, you need to know and understand its functioning, usage, and advantages. As it is to be used for a susceptible area, it must be safe and healthy. Intimate wash is a product that provides deep cleaning of toxins and sweat, providing a healthy and clean vagina.

    When you decide to buy an intimate hygiene wash product, there are a few features you need to look out for. These include the product being soap-free and irritation-free. Soaps are usually a bit harsh for such sensitive areas. Hence, buying an intimate wash that is paraben-free and does not have soap is advisable, e.g. Mylo Care Intimate Wash. Artificial substances can cause dryness and itchiness and eventually lead to infections. Long-term exposure to such products can provide extreme discomfort. So before you buy an intimate wash, look out for natural, moisturising ingredients that do not produce artificial fragrance. It will help to provide natural cleansing and eliminate bacteria.

    How to use Intimate wash?

    Keeping your vaginal area clean and dry is the first step toward intimate hygiene. When you search online for the best intimate wash for women, you can find several options. But understanding which one is natural, moisturising and soap-free is essential. If you have trouble, e.g. bacterial infections or itchiness, consulting a doctor is advisable before you choose an intimate hygiene wash product. It helps to understand the pros and cons of the usage.

    After you have consulted a doctor and bought the best intimate wash for women, understanding how to use it is necessary. The most important points here are not to overdo it. The use of intimate wash is an additional procedure in your personal hygiene, so maintaining a good balance is essential. You can add it to your daily shower routine. It can even be done a few times a week. It has to be used only on the external portions with good care. Apply a little bit of the fluid to the outer parts properly. You should use it from front to back and not the opposite to avoid the germs from the anus. Next, rinse it off properly and dry it with a soft towel.

    Itchiness and Intimate Wash

    Itchiness is a common concern of a lot of females. It can have several causes. These causes include dryness of the vagina, yeast infections, exposure to any such irritant, bacterial vaginosis, and even skin issues. Hence, a quick doctor visit is helpful if you face such a concern. The doctor can give you ointments or take you to a different line of treatment. Even tablets to cure infection can be given.

    But talking about whether one should use intimate wash products during such periods or not, it is a No! As there is already an itching and dryness problem, soaps or intimate wash products should be avoided.


    It is essential to use the best intimate wash for women, such as Mylo Care Intimate Wash, for a healthy and clean vagina. The intimate wash should be soap-free and paraben-free. It is crucial to understand how to use it properly.

    However, an intimate hygiene wash can produce more dryness in a few cases. It is generally not advisable to use intimate wash for vaginal itching or any type of infection. One should consult a doctor and follow his instructions. The doctor may prescribe certain cleansers to keep the area dry and clean. Along with that, there are several home remedies provided on the internet too. It is a sensitive area, and you must make wise decisions to keep it healthy and safe.

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