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    Can you use an intimate wash during periods?

    Written on 3 August 2022

    The marketing industry is progressing at a fast pace. With the growing population and demand, competition is increasing too. In such a scenario, the sales pinch of every firm is becoming more effective and impressive. Along with it is becoming larger than life.

    With the additional advantages, there can be safety concerns too. As all products are presented in a positive light, it can be confusing as to which one is the best. Intimate wash is one such product that is concerned with utmost safety. Talking about intimate hygiene for women, whichever you choose should be the best intimate wash for women.

    Usage and Characteristics of a Good Intimate Wash for Women

    Choosing the right one can have a few points to remember. This starts from the product being safe and containing natural ingredients. Avoiding artificial ingredients is important to stay away from intimate toxins and infections. Another essential point here is that the product should be hydrating and soap-free. Having soap can cause dryness and eventually lead to itching. Avoiding artificial fragrance is an essential feature too.

    The main aim of a good intimate hygiene wash for women is to provide intense cleaning. It needs to eliminate all possible toxins, germs, and sweat. Giving a hydrated, moisturised, and tidy intimate area is the usage. As it is an additional procedure in your regular intimate hygiene, overdoing it will not help. It should be balanced to maintain your intimate area's pH and acidic mantle.

    Usage of Intimate Wash for Women

    The next important part of buying an intimate wash product for women is consultation. As it is a highly sensitive area, consulting a doctor is advisable. When you decide to start using an intimate wash, you might want to know which one is the best and the advantages and disadvantages. Online, you can find an array of such products.

    Once you know the best intimate wash for women, knowing how to use intimate wash is the next thing to know. Just take a little bit of fluid and apply it to the external parts. It is advised to be applied from the front to back. After that, rinse it off properly. Doing it daily or a few times a week is a good way to maintain good intimate hygiene and health.

    Periods and Intimate Wash

    After you know these points to look for in an intimate hygiene wash, its usage, and its advantages, there are a few other things to understand. The first question that might come to many minds is whether it is safe during periods or not. As most suggested, intimate wash and soaps are not appropriate to use during periods.

    During the menstrual cycle, you need to take extra precautions and steps for menstrual hygiene. As women have to go through this every month, understanding a few essentials is important. Changing pads, tampons, and menstrual cups timely is the first step toward menstrual hygiene. Soaps and the use of intimate wash during periods can hamper the natural process. As the menstrual cycle follows its natural cleaning process, it should not be disturbed.

    Bathing regularly and maintaining a clean intimate area, especially during periods, is essential. Hence, plain or warm water is the best way. If the intimate wash is used during periods, it can cause infections and bacteria to grow. Hence, changing pads frequently and not using artificial intimate hygiene wash is a great way to maintain good intimate health.

    Along with these points, there are a few other points to remember during menstrual cycles. Washing and keeping the intimate area dry and clean is the first, followed by healthy sleeping and eating patterns. Skipping a meal, eating junk, not changing pads on time, using multiple ones at a time, and over-washing vulva are not advised during your periods. Next, spicy foods, alcohol, and too much salt, sugar, or coffee are not good.

    There are a lot of hormonal changes during periods that lead to bodily and mood modifications. It can cause frustration, anger, sadness, and even confusion. So good support and care are required. Though most women get used to it, having proper consultation, support, and love helps you go through the period smoothly.


    Your concern during the menstrual cycle should be using a correct, well-balanced, natural, intimate wash. It is advised not to use an intimate hygiene wash during periods to avoid disturbing the natural cleaning process. Lastly, maintain regular menstrual hygiene and good food and sleeping habits. This can help you have happy and healthy periods!

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