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    What Is the Best Way to Use an Intimate Wash?


    What Is the Best Way to Use an Intimate Wash?

    Updated on 2 November 2022

    Someone said it right: an intimate hygiene wash is a woman's best friend. The vagina can be home to several infections due to its moist environment. Therefore, the best fighting mechanism it has is maintaining an acidic environment.

    This acidic medium helps fight various micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast. The most suitable intimate wash for women would be the one which helps to maintain this pH level at 3.5 to 4.5.

    An intimate wash also helps tackle vaginal odour, itching, dryness and irritation, thereby helping in the overall care and protection of the vagina.

    Points to Remember while buying an intimate hygiene wash

    Here are some essential points to remember when buying an intimate hygiene wash. Consultation with a doctor can help you buy the best one. It can assure safety and help you understand the pros and cons. A few of these points are:

    Natural Ingredients are a Must

    The price is not the most critical factor when buying an intimate wash. Sometimes even the cheaper stuff can be better in terms of ingredients used. Natural ingredients are the key. The one with natural substances, made without artificial ingredients like colouring, or fragrance, should always be the top priority here.

    Buying a product with synthetic ingredients can cause infections, inflammation, or the growth of toxins. It causes more harm than providing you with any comfort.

    Moisturising is An Essential Part

    Dehydration is a problem with such products. Not all intimate hygiene wash substances hydrate the sensitive areas. It can cause itchiness and dryness. Women, especially during summers, can face such problems due to excessive sweating.

    In such a scenario, if the products used to eliminate sweat and dirt cause more dehydration in sensitive areas, it can cause long-term infections. Hence, choosing types that have glycerin or moisturising substances is a must in an intimate wash.

    Soap-Free is Safe

    Soaps were used when such intimate hygiene wash products were not so famous. They were not manufactured or even promoted and used exhaustively. Thus, when such products were launched, the most important use was maintaining the ph. Balance and acidic mantle. Hence, it is essential to use soap-free products. It does not cause dryness and prevents irritation and discomfort.

    Artificial Scent is to be avoided

    As mentioned earlier, natural ingredients are the best to go for. Some intimate hygiene wash contains artificial perfumes, which can eventually produce toxins and even lead to skin darkening.


    These points are checked and cross-checked for women when an intimate hygiene wash is bought. Hence, the best hygiene wash, such as Mylo Care Intimate Wash for women, eliminates germs and sweat, removing toxins.

    It helps to maintain the correct ph. and acidic mantle. Such products should be used to create an artificial fragrance. These can mix with the toxins already present and create more harm than good.

    The next part is about how to use it. When using an intimate wash, the first point is never to overuse. It must be balanced as an additional part of personal hygiene. If overdone, it can make the area dry and irritable; long-term use can create more damage. Hence once a proper consultation is done, using it in moderation is essential.

    The next part is applying a small quantity from front to back to prevent anal germs from reaching the front portion. Once a small amount is used correctly, it must be rinsed off thoroughly.

    Once removed entirely, it should be dried well with a soft towel. This can be done a few days a week or while taking a shower. During the menstrual cycle, intimate wash should be avoided as it disrupts the natural cleaning procedure when you are having your periods.


    Changing pads or tampons with natural cleaning ingredients and a good diet are essential to healthy personal hygiene during the menstrual cycle.

    An intimate wash can be substituted with a warm water wash during periods. In addition, drying with a towel and maintaining a healthy diet will help to eliminate irregularities.

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