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    Points to Remember While Selecting an Intimate Wash for Women


    Points to Remember While Selecting an Intimate Wash for Women

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    Why should you use an Intimate Wash?

    The primary use of an intimate wash is to keep the private area clean and hydrated while removing all germs and maintaining the pH balance. It is also useful for pregnant women and new mothers to maintain good hygiene and avoid infections.

    What factors to Consider in an Intimate Wash for Women?

    Here are a few points you can go through before buying an Intimate hygiene wash for women. It helps to have basic prior knowledge to save yourself from any possible harm. It is a medical product and hence medical consultation is a must. The following pointers help knowing how to choose the best intimate hygiene wash for women.

    1. Nothing is better than Natural Ingredients

    It is not always necessary that expensive products are better. There are several products which are natural, better and reasonably priced too. The first and the most important part of choosing an intimate wash is looking for natural ingredients. Instead of going for artificial chemicals, natural ingredient-based products with a raw smell would be safe as well as best suited to sensitive skin.

    Artificial colouring, flavour, or fragrance can be irritating. As it is a sensitive part, maintaining the natural pH balance and trying anything without prior knowledge is a big no!

    2. Moisturising is the Key

    As with any other body part, dehydration is not good, even in an intimate wash. It is essential to choose products that have glycerin and moisturising substances. Hydrating the sensitive area will keep it smooth and healthy.

    Using products with drying substances can make the skin flare up and become itchy and irritated. Constant use of such products can cause long-term difficulties. Hence, checking for moisturising ingredients is the next most crucial point in choosing an intimate wash for women.

    3. Soap-Free is Safe

    It is another crucial point for Intimate Hygiene Wash for women. Soap and similar substances can be harsh on the intimate skin. It can also cause disturbance to the natural pH and acidic mantle of the private area. Hence, choosing the best intimate wash for women that will cater to all these needs is another point to remember.

    4. Artificial Scent is Harmful

    As mentioned earlier, natural ingredients are the best to use. Some intimate hygiene wash contains ingredients for artificial scents. It can be toxic and even lead to skin darkening eventually.
    The essential function of a good intimate wash is to eliminate odour-causing toxins apart from intense cleaning. It is required to maintain the pH balance and remove all germs and sweat that can produce a foul odour.

    How to Choose an Intimate Wash?

    After understanding the four most important points to consider in an intimate hygiene wash for women, medical consultation can also help you. You can also get recommendations, suggestions, and advice online for the best intimate wash for women. But the best option is to look out for the abovementioned points, collect appropriate information and get proper advice from your doctor or specialist. You definitely do not want to take a risk here.

    How to Use an Intimate Wash?

    Once you have consulted your caregiver and bought the appropriate product, the question of how to use the intimate wash arises. This is a relatively simple task. You can simply read the instructions on the product label for guidance and follow the same.
    Include the intimate wash in your daily shower routine or intimate hygiene regime. Take a small amount of the fluid and apply it to your intimate area externally. It is always advisable to apply the wash from front to back. Be careful to use it on the outer skin surface only and not overdo it. It is an additional step in your intimate hygiene, hence, balancing it well is essential.

    Rinse it off properly and immediately. Unlike soap, the intimate wash is designed to provide act as a good cleanser along with providing hydration and maintaining the pH balance of the intimate area. Hence, it is a wise choice to maintain optimal health.


    The essentials of our day-to-day life must be totally safe to use. Personal safety is the foremost concern for women. From innerwear to hygiene products, everything has to be safe for them. With the easy availability of several intimate wash options, making a choice is difficult. Hence, you must opt for the best product - Mylocare Intimate Wash. When making a choice, be careful to make the best one that is both worthy of spending your money and safe for your skin.

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