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    Breast Diseases: Types, Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Breast Changes

    Breast Diseases: Types, Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Updated on 2 November 2022

    Today, breast pain is quite a common issue that is usually caused by changes in hormones, especially during menstruation. Sometimes, consuming a contraceptive pill can also lead to breast changes as well as pain. Apart from that, various breast changes may bring about a lot of pain as well as discomfort.

    How Can One Relieve Themselves From Mild Breast Pain?

    To relieve pain associated with breast problems, you can consider wearing a good quality supportive bra, especially when going to sleep. Besides, you can skip wearing your bra too. Another tip is to reduce your intake of coffee as well as other caffeinated drinks. You may also want to quit smoke or drinking alcohol. For women, an ice pack may also turn out to be a source of relief when it comes to breast pain.

    If none of the above-mentioned tips help, then it is quite likely that you may be suffering from some form of breast disease. You may want to consult your doctor immediately to learn more about your breast condition and how one could cure it. Apart from that, if the pain in your breast isn’t a part of your normal cycle, it may be high time to talk to your GP.

    Common Breast Diseases And Complications

    Here are some of the common breast diseases and complications to look out for:

    1. Cysts

    Sometimes, a sac filled with fluid develops in your breast tissues. This is usually quite common in the breasts of an aged woman. However, cysts can also form in the breast of teenage females. Another ironic fact about cysts is that they can form overnight and may be quite painful, especially during the menstrual period. If neglected, they can grow in size and eventually cause more pain.

    If the cyst is formed nearer to the surface of your breast, it is most likely to be soft to the touch and may just seem to be a blister. However, if it is formed deeper into the breast tissues, it may seem to be a hard lump with fluid inside since layers of breast tissue cover it. In either case, it may lead to breast pain and other severe conditions. It is usually best to consult your doctor and learn more about your condition.

    2. Fibroadenomas

    These are benign lumps that are quite common in women today. In fact, women of any age may experience fibroadenomas. These lumps are quite painless, and they can also move freely in the breast tissue. Their sizes vary quite a lot, and they can grow almost about anywhere in your breast tissue.

    3. Fat Necrosis

    In this condition, one may experience a painless but firm lump. This lump is formed because of the damaged fatty breast tissue. If a woman has large breasts or has experience bruises or even blows on her breasts, she is most likely to suffer from fat necrosis.

    Yet again, you do not have to worry about the occurrence of cancer since these lumps aren’t malignant. Yet again, fat necrosis may occur right after radiation therapy from an older cancer lump that you might have suffered from. Your doctor may perform a test to decide if the removal of such a lump is required or not.

    4. Sclerosing Adenosis

    Sometimes, there may be an excess growth of breast tissues that results in unexpected pain. This condition is termed Sclerosing Adenosis. Although the growth may be microscopic, it can have a significant appearance when seen on mammograms. Besides, this condition may also result in lumps or milk pain in some cases.

    5. Breast Lumpiness

    This condition is commonly termed Fibrocystic disease and is characterized by general lumpiness in the breasts. Yet again, it may be important for you to understand that general lumpiness can make actual hair lumps quite difficult to find, resulting in the patient going back home even after experiencing mild or slight pain. You may want to perform a regular examination of your breasts to identify such signs or symptoms.

    6. Cancer

    Breast cancer is basically a hard as well as painful lump that may be quite common in women of any age. If you find a hard, stationary, and burdening breast lump during breast examination, it may be high time to get in touch with your doctor. Your doctor may recommend an immediate mammogram to learn more about the condition. Apart from that, this hard lump is also characterized by the dimpling of your breast.

    What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Various Breast Diseases?

    If you have recently observed unusual nipple discharge or even mastalgia, it is quite likely that you are suffering from breast disease. Apart from that, many women may also notice changes in the size, shape, well as the overall contour of their breasts. Besides, a breast disorder may be characterized by creased or even scaly nipples, apart from puckered breasts.

    All of these symptoms of breast problems may cause discomfort and pain. Thus, it may be important for you to get in touch with your doctor and start the diagnosis procedure immediately. When it comes to mastalgia of any sort, early evaluation is the best medication.

    How Is The Diagnosis Of Various Breast Diseases Carried Out?

    Your doctor may screen your breasts by conducting a mammogram. A mammogram is basically an X-ray. Your doctor will be able to identify abnormalities with the help of a mammogram, such as the appearance of lumps may be quite significant on a mammogram. Apart from a mammogram, there are numerous other diagnostic tests conducted as well. A breast ultrasound, Galactography as well as Needle Biopsy are some of the other common diagnostic tests.

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    Early evaluation of the breast can help in preventing many severe breast complications and diseases. Your doctor may also take a breast biopsy to identify lumps or other unusual conditions in the tissues of your breasts.


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