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      Top 10 Health Issues Related To Women 

      Health Tips

      Top 10 Health Issues Related To Women 

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      Although there may be numerous health issues that affect both men as well as women, there are a few distinct health issues that are quite common in women. Apart from that, these health issues also affect both men as well as women quite differently. What may be not so serious in a man might turn out to be life-threatening in the case of a woman.

      Another most ironic aspect of this condition is that numerous women's health issues usually go unnoticed as well as undiagnosed, especially when it comes to women. A few of the most common health problems that women usually experience include breast cancer, menopause, stroke as well as pregnancy. You can continue reading through to learn about the top 10 women’s health issues.

      Top 10 Women’s Health Issues

      Here are the ten most common health issues that women may experience during their lifetime:

      1. Stroke

      Stroke affects approximately 56,000 women as compared to men almost every year. There are commonly two kinds of stroke, the first is hemorrhagic stroke, and the second is ischemic stroke. A few of the most common symptoms of stroke include severe numbness as well as difficulty in talking.

      2. Diabetes

      Diabetes is common in both men as well as women. Women may end up being more prone to various heart diseases, especially if they suffer from diabetes. Women may also experience complications related to diabetes, such as depression, blindness as well as unexpected kidney diseases.

      The best treatment for diabetes includes a balanced diet, oral medication as well as numerous injections of insulin. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, especially during your pregnancy phase, you may have difficulties conceiving.

      Besides, you may also require various tests as well as continuous monitoring to ensure that gestational diabetes does not affect your baby. You may also have to consider exercising regularly. If you are a smoker, it may be high time to quit it for good!

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      3. Heart Disease

      In the US, about one out of four women die because of heart disease. A few of the factors that contribute to heart disease include high cholesterol, smoking, as well as severe blood pressure. Many people consider cardiovascular problems to be more common in men than women. However, many statistics show both men and women equally being affected by the issue.

      4. Breast Cancer

      This type of cancer commonly occurs on the lining of breast milk ducts. This cancer can spread and cause severe problems if left undiagnosed. Apart from that, breast cancer is usually quite common among women.

      One initially develops lumps in the breast that may be painful to touch. You may want your healthcare provider to conduct a breast examination. A few of the lumps you find in your breast may usually be non-threatening.

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      5. Ovarian As Well As Cervical Cancer

      Cervical cancer is cancer that occurs in the lower part of the uterus, whereas ovarian cancer is cancer that forms in the fallopian tubes. Although one may experience a similar kind of pain, cervical cancer is associated with discharge as well as painful intercourse. When it comes to ovarian cancer, one may experience quite vague symptoms. You may want to go for a pap smear to detect cervical cancer. Pap smears may not help you detect ovarian cancer.

      Some expert advice:

      6. Gynecological Health

      If you experience bleeding or frequent urination during times other than your menstrual cycle period or pregnancy, you may be suffering from an underlying gynaecological problem. Various vaginal problems may also indicate STDs or even reproductive tract cancer. If such problems are left undiagnosed, they may lead to infertility and kidney failure in an extreme situation.

      7. Pregnancy Issues

      If you already suffer from a few health problems, these problems may intensify during pregnancy. Besides, it might also affect your child. A few of the common pregnancy health problems include diabetes, depression as well as asthma. If not diagnosed early, these health problems may affect your baby. Fortunately, many issues related to pregnancy are treatable. But early detection can surely be the best cure in this case!

      8. Autoimmune Diseases

      Autoimmune diseases are basically diseases that are caused when your own cells that attack viruses end up attacking functional cells. As this process progresses, one may experience many extreme symptoms such as mild fever, exhaustion, skin problems as well as vertigo. A few healing practices such as reducing sugar and fat consumption, early detection, and reduced stress can help keep the symptoms under check.

      9. Osteoporosis

      This is a condition where the bones may become so weak that they might actually break. A few of the factors that contribute to osteoporosis may be age, consumption of alcohol, inactive lifestyle, genetics, side effects of medications, or even smoking.

      There isn’t any cure for osteoporosis, and one may have to depend on their healthcare provider to prevent symptoms or extreme severities. Your doctor may also provide you with supplements or even prescription medications.

      10. Depression As Well As Anxiety

      Women may experience hormonal fluctuations, leading to anxiety or even depression. Apart from that, one may experience intensified symptoms during premenstrual syndrome. If you have just given birth, you may experience a common form of depression called the baby blues.

      In fact, it is common to have constant tiredness, sadness as well as unexpected emotional shifts during this period. Yet again, one can join pregnancy groups or get in touch with a healthcare provider to seek help!


      The best way to treat all these health problems in women is early detection as well as a healthy lifestyle. You may want to get in touch with your healthcare provider to learn more about how you can tackle these problems or manage the symptoms of extreme health problems that do not have any cure. Make sure to have regular follow-up appointments with your doctor as well!

      In case you feel like the women's problems you are suffering from are affecting your mental health, it may be high time to get in touch with your doctor or even join a group consisting of people that can relate to you. This can help you relieve most of your stress, eventually helping you live a healthy life!

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      khushboo jain

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