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    Beetroot in Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks and Side Effects

    Pregnancy Journey

    Beetroot in Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks and Side Effects

    Updated on 16 May 2023

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    Like eating beetroots? Beets are a wonderful vegetable - replete with some of the best nutrients, they are a great addition to one's diet, especially during pregnancy. As a root vegetable, they come in several colours, but the most common one is the purple or magenta coloured beetroot. Beetroot in pregnancy can be consumed in so many ways - from being eaten raw as part of salads to drinking beetroot juice during pregnancy, to being cooked and eaten with rice or bread. You can even put beets in smoothies. Wondering is beetroot good in pregnancy? Indeed, it is!

    Beets have a high nutritional value, making them a highly sought-after vegetable to consume during pregnancy. Let's take a look at the benfits and side effects of beetroot during pregnancy along with answers to common concerns like how much beetroot to eat per day during pregnancy.

    Benefits of Beets for Pregnant Women

    There are multiple benefits of consuming beetroot during pregnancy. If you're wondering is beetroot good for pregnancy, the short answer is yes. Beets are rich in minerals and vitamins and provide the expecting mother and growing foetus with a lot of health benefits, including:

    1. Reduces Constipation

    During pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of bloating and constipation. The fibers in beets help the body reduce constipation and help maintain regular bowel movements.

    2. Prevents Neural Tube Defects

    Since beets contain a high amount of folic acid, this helps mitigate the risk of the baby developing neural tube defects and developmental issues. Beets, therefore, aid in the proper development and growth of the foetus.

    3. Reduces Iron Deficiency

    Many women suffere from iron deficiency during pregnancy. Beets help the body reduce the risk of fatigue and weakness since they are rich in iron. They are also a great source of iron for a vegetarian diet.

    4. Lowers the Risk of Pre-Eclampsia

    Beetroot juice is a great option for reducing blood pressure, and in turn, the risk of pre-eclampsia, a life-threatening complication, among pregnant women.

    5. Prevents Fetal Growth Restriction

    One common cause of fetal growth restriction is problems with the placenta. Fortunately, the nitrates present in beets can help improve blood flow through the placenta and aid in healthy fetal growth and developement.

    Risks and Side Effects of Eating Beets During Pregnancy

    There aren't any known side effects of consuming beets during pregnancy. Beets are generally a good source of nutrients for the body, and consuming them in moderate amounts is great for a pregnant woman and the growing baby. Pregnant women may notice that their urine or stools appear to be pink or reddish after consuming beets, however, this is normal.

    Do note that beets contain a high amount of sugar, so if your sugar levels during pregnancy are on the higher side, then it's best to consult the doctor before consuming beets.

    Streamlined Preparations

    There are multiple ways to prepare beets - from juices and smoothies to cooked vegetables and salad. You can roast beets, cook them in the microwave, or even eat canned beets if you don't have the time to cook them. There is no best time to drink beetroot juice during pregnancy - you can do it any time of the day!

    Does the Desire for Beetroot Indicate One Sex Over Another?

    According to research, there is no evidence to back this statement. Cravings among pregnant women have nothing to do with the sex of the child, but more to do with one's general culture, lifestyle, and eating habits. Therefore, there is no link to a desire for consuming beets during pregnancy the pregnant women giving birth to a child with a particular sex over the other.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Can women who are expecting consume beetroot?

    Beetroots are a highly advised vegetable to consume during one's pregnancy. Whether in raw or cooked form, as a vegetable, or as juice, many pregnant women consume beetroots during their pregnancy journey as it contains a high number of nutrients that keep the baby and the expecting mother healthy.

    2. What time should I stop consuming beetroot?

    There are no specific or significant issues that arise due to the consumption of beetroot during an expecting mother's pregnancy journey. Therefore, there is no particular time or trimester to stop consuming beetroots. However, do check with a health expert, nutritionist, or doctor in case of any complications you may have, for which you may need to stop consuming beetroots during a particular aspect of your pregnancy.

    3. When is the ideal time to consume beetroot in pregnancy?

    Since beetroots are rich in nutrients, it is suggested to consume them during breakfast or lunch. For breakfast, pregnant women can drink juices with beets in them. For lunch, beets can be consumed as part of a salad with other fresh fruits and vegetables, or in a cooked form as a vegetable.

    4. How much beetroot to eat per day during pregnancy?

    Beetroot benefits in pregnancy are abundant; while there are no risks associated with consuming beetroots during one's pregnancy, consumption of beets can be kept in moderation. Consuming 1 beetroot a day.


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