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    10 Ways to Turn Baby Bath Time From Tears to Giggles


    10 Ways to Turn Baby Bath Time From Tears to Giggles

    Updated on 20 February 2024

    Bath time is an important part of your baby’s day because it keeps them clean and builds a firm bond between babies and parents. As a result, it is always recommended that parents do not rush and try to just get it done with. Instead, parents should use baby bath time as an opportunity to bond with their baby and make new memories.

    If your baby, however, does not like bath time and often ends up crying on the sight of water, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss ten amazing ways which can help parents turn baby bath time from tears to giggles and splashing fun.

    How to have a Playful Baby Bath Time?

    Here are 10 handy tips to have a playful bathing time together with your little one.

    1. Be prepared

    Like all parenthood chores, baby bath time requires you to be organised. So, before you begin bathing your munchkin, have the nappies, clothes, bath supplies, towel and a warm cloak within reach so you can wrap them into a cuddly and cosy burrito right after!

    2. Make use of baby bath essentials

    Babies, especially relatively younger ones are like slippery butter balls in the bath so you must have the anti-skid bathtubs/mats and rubber ducks, etc. they will keep the kid safe from sliding, also it will give you the freer hand to work around.

    3. Chit chat hour

    The fill baby bath time with fun and laughter, it's important for all parents to keep things interesting for their little one. So, make sure to keep this stretch interactive, introduce your baby to bubbles, splashing, and bath sponge, etc. to keep their happiness and brain on the rise.

    4. Fancy bathing

    Always use fancy, eye-catchy, and aromatic but safe bathing products to keep your child engaged, calm, and amused. You can try the Mylo Baby Bath Essentials, which is a carefully-curated combo of Baby Body Wash & Shampoo and a Baby Moisturizing Lotion for your baby. Include these in your baby’s daily skincare regime and ensure soft, clean and nourished skin every day.

    5. Rub-A-Dub

    Most Asian cultures, including ours, support giving a massage before the bath to soothe and relax the baby. It is a significant step in their development journey. So, choose a baby massage oil that aids your baby's growth and development and massage your little one before bathing them.

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    6. Bubbles for your troubles

    Some mums do not fancy it but you must know that having bubbles and popping them will enhance the baby’s eye-hand co-ordination and the curiosity to reach out to the seen object. It will also make baby bath time so much more fun for you and your little one. So, pop your bubbles and troubles away.

    7. Splish, Splash, Splosh!

    Let the little one explore, bond, and learn together with this fun move, which teaches the kid the theory of “Cause and effect.” So, let your baby splish and splash on the water as they have fun in the water while bathing.

    8. Sing-A-Ding

    Even if you are a bathroom singer, do not hold back yourself. Your baby will love to see you sing and forget all their bathroom and bath fears. “5 little ducks” or “Bubbles on my shoulders” are the must additions to your playlist.

    9. Pour love with water

    Bathing time needs you to be more affectionate. Blowing kisses, gentle touches, and wide smiles can help make baby bath time so much better for you and your little one. It will help your baby feel more loved, calm and cared for than ever before.

    10. Hug it out

    Stats disclose that the close contact between mum and baby help to calm the breath cycle and compose the baby. So, if your little one is fearful of the water, then just a few cuddly minutes will do the magic.

    Final Thoughts

    We know you cannot wait to try these tricks and tips with your baby. So, when the clock strikes baby bath time, don't forget to turn the pages of this playbook and turn your baby's tears into smiles and giggles.

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