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    5 Ways to make baby bath time fun & enjoyable for your little one

    Written on 5 August 2022

    A bubble bath may be a calming place for babies to feel free and enjoy themselves after a long hectic day of observing, developing, and mastering walking. A night-time bath can also serve as a subtle reminder that night is approaching and be used to quickly clean the child up after rough-and-tumble play.

    Giving the infant a midday bath may turn bath time into a sensory-stimulating experience and a moment for fun in the heat of each day when the child is most alert. It's a method to give the child's delight a new dimension, and since the amusement is simply water, there's no clean-up required afterwards. Surprise!

    How to Make Baby Bath Time Fun

    Parents can set up a tactile play area in the baby bathtub for their children to explore and learn about what floats and sinks while developing their fine motor control. But most importantly, bath time allows the parent and child to spend quality time alone, connect, and have fun. If the babies play these activities for 10 minutes while spending time with their family, they can have fun all summer!

    1. Chill Out and Jump In

    Ice crystals are a terrific addition to a bathtub, provided the parent takes care to prevent their child from attempting to eat them. Locating and following the slick crystals all around the bathtub to grab them before they dissolve is a lot of fun. Or, why not put one of the child's favourite baby bath toys in a tiny bucket of water and chill it? However, parents must be careful to monitor the water's temperature to ensure it doesn't get too cold for the child.

    The kid might adore having a bath with their parent during bath time. Parents can put on swimsuits if it helps them feel more at ease. A vivid sensory encounter will result from so much skin-to-skin contact. They can even have a mock social gathering for two with toy pots and glasses!

    2. Play Some Music

    Take a shot at rowing. Shake hands and mime rowing actions in the 'boat', i.e., the bathtub. "Sail, lines, row your boats, swaying the river gently; watch out, make a cry, I spy a snake!" is a suitable substitute for the song in the bathtub. Say "Sprinkle!" and splash the water with one's hands. Repeat the rhyme frequently to help the child get used to the phrases and behaviours.

    3. Sponge Boat Cruises

    A package of brand-new scouring sponges, the kind one would typically use for dishwashing, enclosed in a baby bath cap makes for excellent bathing vessels. The child will enjoy playing with these in the bathtub. Parents can also use shears to remove two edges of the sponge to make it look like a yacht.

    Another option is to cut a shape in the sponge's middle and attach a lolly bar as a pole. Try blowing the ships around with straws; as the child wraps his mouth around the straws and tries to blow, he will activate the muscles necessary for speech development.

    4. Sticks of Foam

    Plastic baby bath toys can be expensive, especially if the child becomes bored with them after seven days. But if one gets a bundle of foam papers from a fabric store, they can make many entertaining toys. Get inventive because these foam papers can glide and stick to the bath's walls and floors when damp.

    To create a sorting activity, cut out circles and rectangles from various coloured papers and stick them to opposite sides of the bathtub. Also, parents can get their kids to match colours by cutting the same pattern out of the middle of five sheets of paper of various shades and then having the child replace the pieces. Alternatively, one could place the foam papers in the bath to create islands kids can touch with bubble wands.

    5. We All Collapse!

    The 'Incy Wincy Spider' song can be used for any baby bath toy. Make the toy walk up the bath's edge as they sing "the incy wincy spider went up the water spout", and then balance it alongside the bath's water level by picking an edge near a barrier. Have the child pour water from a pipette onto the toy, so it slips back into the bathtub. 'Humpty Dumpty' pairs well with this activity too.

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    The best time for babies and young children is after a bath. They have their parents' whole focus while exploring a wonderland full of toys, bubbles, and other things. The bathtub activities will go without a hitch by using these ideas to make the baby bath fun. However, always keep safety in mind when the youngster is close to water!


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