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    How Do You Notify Your Employer That You Are Pregnant? 

    How Do You Notify Your Employer That You Are Pregnant? 

    Updated on 8 February 2024

    There isn’t any perfect time when it comes to letting your colleagues know you are pregnant. In fact, this will always remain your personal decision under many terms, depending on how your company is and what job you commit to every day. If you wish to notify your employers about your pregnancy, this article is just for you!

    No matter when you wish to let everybody know about your pregnancy, make sure you let your boss know first. One of the major questions that many pregnant women have in their minds is - When should I inform my boss that I am pregnant? One of the best times to talk to everybody about your pregnancy is preferably before your bump pops out or before you visit the restroom numerous times. Listed below are a few ways to let your boss know about your pregnancy.

    How Do You Notify Your Employer That You Are Pregnant?

    You can now make the conversation with your boss sail as smoothly as you want by following a few tips.

    1. First, you would want to make sure that you keep aside a separate time to tell your boss about your pregnancy. In fact, you wouldn’t want to deliver the news in a cab or when going to a meeting. You may want to book an appointment with your boss so that the setting is comfortable and not rushed. However, if your main question is still- am i required to tell my employer i'm pregnant, then you may want to consider a lot of aspects before breaking out the news to your boss.

    1. Try to initiate the conversation on a positive note. You wouldn’t want to start off abruptly by apologizing. In fact, make sure your boss knows that you are willing to balance your work life as well as your family life. You can also try to be a bit flexible about the plan you have in your mind. Your boss may then come up with a realistic option that you can comfortably stick to.

    1. Once you have finished discussing the matter with your boss, you can submit an official pregnancy notification letter in writing, just so that there wouldn’t be any sort of miscommunication later on. Consider adding minor details of your pregnancy news to your writing. You can also request a maternity leave this way.

    1. If your company isn’t family-friendly, it may be high time for you to join forces with all the other employees and work towards parental perks. You can also include other allowances in the petition so that many employees can take leaves to care for their ill spouses or children. Indeed, the power of parents can truly leave you astonished.

    1. If you are working from home, then there are many ways of letting your boss know about your pregnancy. Considering the unexpected pandemic situation, many people had to commit to their jobs through work-from-home schedules. An email stating your present condition could definitely be a professional way of delivering the pregnancy news to your boss.

    One of the most important things you need to consider when delivering your pregnancy news is to convey it in a positive manner. In fact, this can be helpful even when you are delivering the news remotely. You may also want to give information regarding your due date so that your boss can plan your maternity leave accordingly.

    When To Inform Employer About Pregnancy In India

    There are a lot of factors that you may want to consider regarding when to inform employer about pregnancy in india. A few of the things you may want to consider are listed below.

    Many women usually wait until their first trimester is over, just so that there are fewer chances of a miscarriage taking place. When working women have their pregnancy moving forward in a healthy direction, they usually proceed to let their employers know about their condition. However, some usually wait until the fourth month is over or until their pregnancy test results are out. You may want to let your employer know about your pregnancy if you can relate to any of the below mentioned situations.

    1. If you have been feeling nauseous and find it difficult to get out of bed every day, it may be time to let your employer know. In fact, sometimes an unmistakable baby bump might make it quite difficult for you to bring your secret out. One of the biggest advantages of working from home is you can usually wait for a bit longer, preferably until you reach the 20-week mark, to share the news with your boss. Thus, this is because one doesn’t have to worry about their bump being spotted when working from home.

    1. If your work involves strenuous schedules, you may want to talk to your employer about changing your duties or a flexible transfer. Sometimes, strenuous work that requires you to be on your feet all the time or exposes you to toxic chemicals can negatively impact your developing baby. Hence, it is usually best to refrain from carrying out hazardous tasks during this period.

    1. If you feel like your news might delay a salary review or a promotion review, it is usually best to wait until the promotion period is over. Sometimes, pregnancy results can influence job decisions to a certain extent, and many employees may find it unfair. Therefore, make sure to wait until the coast is clear.

    1. If your co-workers have a gossipy personality trait, you may want to convey the pregnancy news to your boss first. It may not look great if your pregnancy news reaches your boss through another employee, not you. There may be a few trust issues that both you and your employer might have to deal with.

    If you feel like your employer might not welcome the news wholeheartedly, you can wait until you reach the 20-week mark period to prove to your employer that you could do your job quite well. However, if you believe your boss will be happy to hear your news, you can comfortably open up and inform him in a professional manner. You can then take full advantage of your company's special maternity packages.

    How Can You Announce Your Pregnancy Through An Email?

    A lot of people do not always get the opportunity to announce their pregnancy news face-to-face. Thus, opting for an email method could be quite beneficial in such a situation. Many employees usually find it easy to deliver their pregnancy news to their bosses through email, probably because one can easily convey the message professionally without stuttering or feeling nervous.

    Yet again, the overall course of action depends on how you format the email and the kinds of words you use. Apart from that, it may also depend on the kind of rapport that you have with your employer. If you believe you have a good connection with your boss, you can consider setting up a video chat and conveying the news. You can also book an in-person appointment in order to convey the message to your boss.

    However, if you have a mildly strained relationship with your boss, you may not find it comfortable to share the news in person or through video chat. In such situations, you can always opt for an email and give your boss more time to think about your future duties and tasks. Mentioned below are a few tips you can follow to write a humble email about your pregnancy.

    1. Consider starting out on a happy note. You can consider writing “I’m happy to announce”, or “I’m excited to share”.

    1. Make sure to clearly mention your due date.

    1. Consider learning more about the maternity benefits your company offers so you can request them accordingly.

    1. You may also want to mention your future plans and when exactly you wish to resume work.

    1. Do not shy away from asking for alternatives or other recommendations.

    1. Make sure to be flexible and open about your employer’s opinions as well.

    It may also be quite advantageous to request any adjustments if needed. You can then choose to proceed with sharing the news with your colleagues at the workplace or keep it a secret instead. The choice is definitely yours!

    How Can You Cope Up With Pregnancy Discrimination?

    Once you have delivered the pregnancy news to your boss, make sure to keep your employer updated about the limitations you will be having while doing your job. If your work requires strenuous physical moments, it may be time to shift your duties. Suppose you feel your boss isn’t treating you properly due to your pregnancy. In that case, you may want to report a case of discrimination to your company’s HR department or any other official authority.

    In the report, make sure to include details such as the time and date as well as what got you transpired and the problem in general. You may also want to mention the people you spoke to and why you felt uncomfortable. If you feel like the HR department is not addressing the issue, you can report a charge to the legal authority of your region. This could turn out to be quite worth it considering the fact that other mothers can address their workplace issues too!

    Pregnancy announcements are usually well-received whether it be in a professional environment or in a home-like environment. If you believe you are ready to share the news, you can take measures in order to make sure that the news is well received. Yet again, before you plan on spilling the beans, you may want to consider a few things. Listed below are a few things you would want to learn more about.

    Consider learning more about your Company’s Leave Policies

    Before you break the pregnancy news to your boss, you would want to learn more about your company’s maternity leave policies. A lot of companies usually offer paid leaves, while some usually host unpaid leaves. Some companies also provide sick leaves for a day or two. You can also consider reading your company’s employee guide to learn more about current regulations. Accordingly, you can break out your pregnancy news and celebrate this joyous occasion with your colleagues.

    Consider Researching About Your Rights As An Employee In The Region

    A lot of regions usually have regulations when it comes to maternity leave laws. You can consider familiarizing yourself with such maternity leave laws that you and your colleagues are entitled to.

    Consider Digging Deeper into Your Job Adjustments

    If you work in a strenuous environment, you might want to research more about the alternative tasks you can take up during your pregnancy period. In fact, you can make the necessary adjustments in your daily tasks and request your boss to grant approval for the implementation. If one of your co-workers is willing to swap duties with you until you deliver, then go forward with the idea! Indeed, this way, you will be able to balance your work life as well as motherhood happily!

    You May Want To Plan For A Coverage Until You Return

    Consider looking for someone who could do your job while you are on maternity leave. Since your employer might get a bit worried about the workload after your announcement, you may want to make a list of all the possible solutions that can be implemented while you are on your maternity leave. You can also talk about this issue with your colleagues and devise a combined action plan!

    Give A Realistic Return Date

    Since you are on maternity leave, you may want to consider the different ways of getting by on one salary, and that is your spouse’s. If your generated income is important to keep the home running smoothly, you may want to think twice before extending your leave. In such cases, it might be more helpful for you to decide on a realistic return date.

    You may also want to think about the numerous childcare options before returning to work. Apart from that, a plan to hire a full-time housemaid can also influence your return date. Indeed, there is no doubt that many logistical and emotional factors can come into play when you are deciding on a realistic date to get back to work. Talking such things out with your spouse can be helpful, yet again, the decision is yours! It may be helpful to let your body completely heal after delivery so you can get back to work in no time!

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