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    How Long Should Naps Be While Pregnant? 


    How Long Should Naps Be While Pregnant? 

    Updated on 12 February 2024

    Pregnancy is a unique experience - a mixed bag of feelings with its share of highs and lows. And when it comes to a healthy conception, sleep and naps are essential. They take care of their and the growing baby's overall health.

    This blog will take moms-to-be, caregivers, or those planning to start their families through various aspects of napping during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy and napping: The perfect chemistry

    Although trouble sleeping is an early pregnancy sign, women go through it throughout their pregnancies. Carrying a new life in the womb is no cakewalk, after all. Lack of sleep makes them feel exhausted and yawn all day. Therefore, most expectant mothers tend to doze off during the daytime. However, different people have different opinions and questions about napping.
    Are naps good during pregnancy? How many hours should pregnant women snooze off? Is an afternoon nap good during pregnancy? Is sleeping during the day during pregnancy good or bad?
    These questions are pretty common when a woman is expecting.

    First to the third trimester

    The energy ups and downs

    During the first trimester, most women experience fatigue due to ups and downs in their hormonal levels.
    In their second trimester, they are likely to perk up again. Still, many women complain - pregnant and can't sleep in the 2nd trimester.
    And their energy storage tends to wear out again by the time they reach the last 90 days of their pregnancy.
    Moreover, with their tummies weighing them down, back pain, and the fetus pressing on the urinary bladder all night, sound sleep during the night is quite a struggle. These are some of the most commonly heard issues with the mommies-to-be.
    As a result - they feel drained and exhausted all day long. It interferes with their daily routine while affecting their mental and physical health.
    No wonder why many women complain - I am 37 weeks pregnant and can't sleep at all. Why do I take so many naps while pregnant?
    The reason is - They are pregnant and can't sleep in the 3rd trimester. Sleeplessness at night makes them tired and sleepy, and their bodies crave unfulfilled sleep the entire day.

    How can women fight their pregnancy fatigue?

    It is a good question, indeed! It is where napping comes as a savior in disguise.
    A 2018 study suggests napping for 30 minutes during pregnancy is good for the development and health of the baby. It can minimize the risk of low birth weight and too small babies at the time of birth.

    What is the ideal nap time and duration when pregnant?

    The moms-to-be out there may not believe that a nap somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes can do wonders and provide them with the best rest and rejuvenation possible. Snoozing more than that can induce a lack of sleep during the night and make them feel restless.
    According to many studies, napping for more than 20 to 30 minutes is more likely to make women feel dizzy or foggy instead of making them feel good and well-rested. When women sleep for too long in the day, they happen to trick their minds into a plunging sleep. It is not good.

    How to get a good nap?

    While napping is one of the best ways to bridge missed sleep at night, it is crucial to do it correctly. So, are there home remedies for good sleep during pregnancy? Well! Of course, there are. Keep reading!

    5 natural remedies for insomnia during pregnancy

    Here is a list of some of the best home remedies to make naps more refreshing!

    • Find a comfortable and cozy plan to doze off.
    • Finding the right place to close your eyes for a while is critical. Whether an expecting mother wants to sleep on the couch or her bed, the right place and ambiance can take her napping to a completely different level of respite. So, they should choose a cozy and comfortable area to take that wonder nap.
    • Avoid having liquids before snoozing off is a good idea!
    • Nothing can ravage a comforting nap other than the urge to empty the bladder. Isn't it? So, mommies-to-be should avoid drinking water or other liquids before going into their napping mode.
    • Use a pregnancy pillow.
    • Most women find it hard to get into a restful position to sleep when pregnant. This problem becomes bigger with their bellies becoming bigger. So, buying a pregnancy pillow can help them with this issue.
    • Sleep on the left side is recommended.
    • Pregnant women should try to sleep with their left side touching the bed. It is good for the growing fetus and also relieves discomfort while sleeping.
    • Keep all distractions at bay to get better sleep.
    • It is always right to avoid distractions while sleeping, especially during pregnancy. So, women should keep their rooms dark, lock the door, and switch their phones off before going to snooze mode for peaceful naptime.

    Wrapping up!

    Sleep is very important for a healthy pregnancy. Those who cannot sleep at night should make sure to get some nap during the day.


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