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Baby Size this week: Cherry

Mummy, I have now graduated from an embryo to a fetus—and am now about the size of a cherry. The digestive tract and reproductive organs are formed.

9 Weeks Pregnant is how many months?

2 months and 1 week

9 Weeks Pregnant is in which trimester?

First Trimester

How Many Weeks to Go?

33 Weeks

In this week

  • Your Ultrasound in Week 9

  • Coping with acne & dullness during pregnancy

  • Your Baby in Week 9

  • Symptoms You Might Feel in Week 9

  • Your Body & Health in Week 9

  • Your Fitness Regime in Week 9

  • Recipe for You in Week 9

Your Ultrasound in Week 9
  • At 9 weeks pregnant, you can notice a bond beginning to develop between you and your baby in the ultrasound scan.
  • The embryo is lying on its back with the baby's head towards the right side.
  • The blue area you see is the baby’s heart.
  • The umbilical cord stretches from the baby's abdomen to the placenta, and the red and blue colors within the cord represent blood going to and from the placenta, where it picks up oxygen and nutrients.

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Coping with acne & dullness during pregnancy

Just as you are experiencing fatigue at this stage of your pregnancy, your skin might be dealing with the same. It's common to notice dull, oily and acne-prone skin right now. Hydrating your skin regularly with a pregnancy-safe face cream that has anti-acne ingredients can help restore your natural glow. Try Mylo Tea Tree Face Cream that:

  • Relieves acne & pimples.
  • Purifies & refreshes skin.
  • Restores natural glow.

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Your Baby in Week 9
  • If last week saw those hands sprout webbed-looking fingers, this week gives way to proper individual fingers. You can also see extremely small toes too.
  • Slowly and steadily your baby is taking fundamental strides and has now developed elbows which help him/her move their arms about.
  • Your baby's heartbeat is around 160 per minute but here is the fabulous news, it is now divided into four chambers. The valves which help the blood go in and out are starting to form.
  • The umbilical cord also has a full-time job now. The umbilical cord is made up of one vein and two arteries, which are connected to the baby's abdomen. The job of the vein is to carry blood to the baby's heart while the arteries are at work carrying the blood from the heart to the placenta.
  • Another big news, your baby's genitals have now started to form. The size of your baby is now only a little shy of an inch.
  • Hair follicles have now appeared and so have nipples. Your baby's eyelids are still shut and will continue to be so for a while, nonetheless those little ears are now more pronounced and protruding.
  • However, the weight of the baby doesn't differ too much in comparison to the previous week.

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Symptoms You Might Feel in Week 9
  • Changing hair and skin : As one of the 9 week pregnant symptoms, you may notice your skin is radiant and glowing or several pimples have popped up on your face. Your hair could either be thick and luscious or it could just be sad, dull and limp. Moisturize with safe oils, eat well and stay hydrated.
  • Nasal congestion : A little taken aback? Well, there is a simple explanation to this as well - pregnancy causes a higher production of mucus in the body leading to nasal congestion. It goes away, don't worry.
  • Extreme sexual aversions : It is only natural that you are feeling this rush of emotions, you are constantly tired and bloated and maybe you feel unattractive. These insecurities could also be the very reason why you may want to stay away from sex. Perhaps, to challenge these fears you may want to engage in intercourse. Having sex during pregnancy is usually safe. Spotting while sex is common, but it is good to consult your doctor about it.

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Your Body & Health in Week 9
  • As you are 9 weeks pregnant, do you feel that you are getting way too exhausted as the day progresses?
  • It is only natural to feel so.
  • Remember, bringing a new life into the world is not an easy task!
  • Your body and mind are working overtime now.
  • There will be a significant increase in your blood pressure and sugar levels in the initial weeks and along with other symptoms cause constant fatigue.

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Your Fitness Regime in Week 9

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Recipe for You in Week 9

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