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    First Trimester

    Have you prepared a shopping checklist for your first trimester? Hope you haven't missed these 5 important things. 

    Written on 14 August 2018

    It’s quite thrilling when you see those two red lines on the pregnancy test strip and you start looking forward to having an exciting time ahead. While everyone’s pregnancy experience is different and unique so you must create a list of things that you’ll exactly need in your journey. You may be wondering about all those essentials that you’ll need in each trimester of your pregnancy. Before all those pregnancy planning purchases it’s vital to sort your checklist. Sometimes the couple can’t handle all the excitement and start buying diapers and toys for the unborn child. You won’t need the two in your first trimester so below mentioned are few things that you must buy for the first trimester of your pregnancy:

    • Comfortable clothes and footwear- Spiky heels and sequined dresses may look fashionable but they are not good for your pregnancy. After you get the confirmed good news of your pregnancy you must buy comfortable, breathable, loose-fitting maternity gowns and dresses. Sneakers and flats will be quite comfortable for your every trimester. To hassle-free handle those endless trips to the washroom you must invest in some great pairs of super stretch maternity pants. Frequent urination and nausea are a part of your first trimester. Invest in a good quality waistband extender.

    • Prenatal vitamins and some healthy snacks- Your doctor will recommend you to take some prenatal vitamins as they are quite helpful especially if you are a career person and your appetite is short. You can invest in some prenatal vitamins and prenatal DHA after discussing it with your doctor. Granola bars and crackers are must-haves to combat morning sickness and starving stomach. Don’t forget to buy a big box of ginger pops as that’ll help you get rid of that nausea. You’ll also need some heartburn medicines and a lot of peppermint as that’ll help in easing digestive issues like bloating and acidity.

    • Supportive and comfortable body pillow- Your body must be undergoing a lot of physical changes and these supportive comfortable body pillows help you a lot when you are struggling with those aches and pains in the body. These are specially designed for pregnant women and it’s a wise decision to invest in them.

    • Chemical-free cosmetics and toiletries- You must invest in some good quality massage oils, moisturizing creams/lotions as they help in regulating blood circulation of the body. A lot of belly butter, lotions, and oils are available in the market today and regular usage of such products will prevent stretch marks and dry itchy skin. Even before you spot those stretch marks on your belly you must buy products that are rich in shea and cocoa butter and apply them regularly. You should buy a soft toothbrush that can gently clean your teeth and gums during pregnancy.

    • Hot water bottle- It can be your best buddy during the entire phase of your pregnancy as that can provide you relief from that aching back and sore feet. You can invest in a battery-operated hot water bottle and keep it on your side table as that saves a lot of time and you don’t have to forcefully push yourself to the kitchen to boil water on the gas stove. You must keep a water bottle handy because that motivates you to drink your fluids frequently and your body stays hydrated.

    You should download some good informative pregnancy apps on your smartphone or tablet to gather all the information regarding pregnancy and childbirth. To kill time, you must read books on pregnancy and watch Netflix.

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