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Baby Size this week: Raspberry

Mum, I'm about the size of a raspberry. My hands and feet have sprouted tiny fingers and toes. Soon this collective extra tissue will be reabsorbed to reveal individual fingers and toes.

8 Weeks Pregnant is how many months?

2 months

8 Weeks Pregnant is in which trimester?

First Trimester

How Many Weeks to Go?

34 Weeks

In this week

  • Your Ultrasound in Week 8

  • Your Baby in Week 8

  • Symptoms You Might Feel in Week 8

  • Your Body & Health in Week 8

  • Your Fitness Regime in Week 8

  • Recipe for You in Week 8

Your Ultrasound in Week 8
  • In this image, you will notice the embryo is lying on his/her back with their head to the right of the screen.
  • In your 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you will also see your baby-to-be's head is becoming larger to accommodate their growing brain and taking a familiar c-shape.

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Your Baby in Week 8
  • You can stop worrying about the tail-like structure your baby possessed up until a week ago, because as of this week, it is almost completely gone.
  • But note that the tailbone is not the only thing that your baby has waved goodbye to. Your little baby has surpassed the embryonic stage and has now progressed to a fetus.
  • Your baby is growing approximately about 1 millimetre per day but when we talk about growth, it is not just limited to size. Growth is happening in various other parts of your baby's body too.
  • Your baby has now developed fingers although they look rather meshed together right now and will continue to do so for a few more weeks.
  • If last week saw the first of your baby's eyelids, this week now shows the beginning of colour pigmentation in the eyes. However, the eyelids cover most of the eyes and your baby will not be able to open them until the 25th week or so.
  • Your baby's heart is now beating 160 times in a minute.
  • While your baby's skin is wafer-thin now, other developments come in the form of lungs. The developing lungs will now grow branches that connect with the breathing tubes extending from the baby's throat.
  • Nerve cells are shooting out of your little one's brain, connecting to each other.
  • Although you will not be able to feel it, your tiny little baby is already squirming about inside your womb. Exciting news, right?

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Symptoms You Might Feel in Week 8
  • Vaginal discharge : The whitish-discharge is good for you. It is slightly thicker than the discharge that occurs in between periods and is mostly odourless. This process makes sure that there is a balance of bacteria in the vagina and keeps the infections away from the birth canal. If it gets uncomfortable, opt for thin sanitary pads or panty liners.
  • Headaches : When 8 weeks pregnant, along with raging hormones, increased blood volume gives way to frequent headaches. There are other reasons for headaches such as fatigue, mood swings, nose congestion, increased appetite etc. Relax and stay away from stress.
  • Constipation : The increasing size of your uterus is encroaching upon the space of your colon and all organs related to your bowel movements. However, you can take solace in the fact that your little baby is happily snug, oblivious to what is happening around.
  • Gas : As the stomach muscles are relaxed, your digestion slows down. This is to ensure that the nutrients are reaching your baby. Slower digestion also means more gas. Focus on diet and exercise should keep you relaxed.

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Your Body & Health in Week 8
  • Now 8 weeks pregnant, you are probably wondering who coined the term 'morning sickness' when you are actually feeling sick through the day!
  • Hang in there, by week 12-14 you are going to feel a lot better.
  • Apart from focusing on a healthy diet, you need adequate rest, just as your body demands.
  • You may feel exhausted by evenings, so it is a good idea to let your partner/family help you with some household chores as required.
  • You will not be able to judge the size of your womb just by looking at it, but it has already grown twice in size.
  • The more it grows, the more there is going to be pressure on your bladder.
  • You know what this means: more trips to the washroom.

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Your Fitness Regime in Week 8

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Recipe for You in Week 8

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