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     11 Possible Causes of a Delayed Period


     11 Possible Causes of a Delayed Period

    Updated on 4 April 2023

    Medically Reviewed by

    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO

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    The moment you miss your periods you get goosebumps and you certainly rush to the pharmacist for a pregnancy test kit. Besides unplanned pregnancy, there could be several other reasons for your delayed periods and you must understand those reasons.

    Common Reasons for a Delayed Period


    No doubt it is highly complicated to match up with a high-paced lifestyle these days. No matter how hard or smart work we do it is very difficult to match up and accomplish the goals. Even if you are running according to the hands of the clock still, you’ll either miss a meeting, a deadline, a workout routine, or a healthy meal and that gives you unnecessary stress. Getting worried, anxious, or stressed out surely affect your menstrual cycle and you get delayed or missed periods. So, you must relax and calm your mind by meditating or going for a walk.

    Birth control pills

    Women often pop in birth control pills to balance their hormones as advised by the doctor but these medicines have their side effects and they might delay your menstrual cycle.


    Biologically most women experience menopause somewhere around 50 years of age but in some cases, due to hormonal changes, many women can experience menopause 10-15 years before and hence it is termed perimenopause.

    Uncontrolled body weight

    If you are eating unhealthy food and not working out properly then you might gain some extra pounds and that affects your menstrual cycle. Also, if you suddenly start dieting by starving yourself to lose those extra inches then you might disbalance your hormones and it results in delayed or missed periods.

    Excessive exercise

    It's good to have a healthy disciplined lifestyle but working out too much can lower the levels of estrogen in your body and that delays your menstrual cycle. You must work out under the supervision of a physical trainer for a limited duration of time. You must try to walk and practice yoga for an active and fit body.

    Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD)

    It is one of the most common hormonal problems and a major population of women is suffering from it.

    Hormonal imbalances

    It is important to consult an experienced gynaecologist who will recommend you to undergo some hormonal tests and if the results are positive then she will advise you to eat healthy food, some supplements, and practice certain exercises.

    Failed contraception

    Contraceptives are not one hundred per cent reliable and you might have a chance of an unplanned pregnancy so be careful.


    Lactating women notice that their periods are delayed and that is because of changes in their hormonal levels.


    Sometimes the doctor recommends steroids/antibiotics or strong medication for an ailment and that can cause a delay in your menstrual cycle.

    Poor sleep schedule

    It is very important to sleep on time and take 8 hours of sound sleep at night. Avoid late-night parties and gossiping on phone at the night. Sip on a glass of warm milk or take a shower before you sleep.


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    Medically Reviewed by

    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO

    View Profile

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