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Baby Size this week: Lemon

Hey mum, I'm the size of a lemon this week—and my vocal cords are beginning to develop.

13 Weeks Pregnant is how many months?

3 months and 1 week

13 Weeks Pregnant is in which trimester?

First Trimester

How Many Weeks to Go?

29 Weeks

In this week

  • Your Ultrasound in Week 13

  • Your Baby in Week 13

  • Symptoms You Might Feel in Week 13

  • Your Body & Health in Week 13

  • Your Fitness Regime in Week 13

  • Recipe for You in Week 13

Your Ultrasound in Week 13

In this profile shot, notice that the baby-to-be is lying with the bottom on the left-hand side of the image and the head to the right.

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Your Baby in Week 13
  • Your baby does the business (urinates) inside the uterus, into the surrounding amniotic fluid. In fact, babies can pee up to one litre per day. Throughout the gestation period, babies swallow their own urine too. Strange, isn't it?
  • Your little bundle of happiness now weighs about 30 grams and measures up to about three inches in length.
  • Although your baby's skin is still almost paper-thin and rather translucent, there is nothing to worry. Inside the translucent skin your baby's tiny little veins and organs can be visible.
  • The squiggly little intestines have now completely settled into the abdomen. The placenta is also growing, rightfully so, as your foetus needs it.
  • Speaking of bones, the highly talked about and highly desired collar bone makes an appearance this week. The femur, one of the longest and strongest bones of the body is also beginning to take proper shape this week.
  • Along with this, your baby is now exercising his chest muscles and working the lungs. High-five little baby! You are such an amazing ball of energy!

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Symptoms You Might Feel in Week 13
  • Weight gain : You are eating for two people now and your baby needs all the nutrition it can take to grow into a healthy being. However, do not force yourself to eat too much and never overdo it. At this point, all you need is an extra 400 calories per day.
  • Production of colostrum : Colostrum is regarded as the first milk produced by your breasts. You need to feed your baby colostrum in the first few days after birth before the milk starts to readily flow from your breasts. Your breasts are already making colostrum while you might not even know it. For some, colostrum leaks out during the course of the pregnancy as well.
  • Edema (Swollen feet and ankles) : This may last throughout your pregnancy. Try doing gentle hand and feet exercises if the swelling makes your body ache. Do not lift heavy weights and engage in activities that might pave way for undue stress.
  • Energetic again : Your body has probably gotten used to the changes by now and hence, you may also be feeling all pepped up. Use up this sudden boost in energy by exercising more and keeping yourself active.

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Your Body & Health in Week 13
  • As mentioned before, your belly is slowly and steadily growing now.
  • Own it like a trophy and be proud of yourself and your growing baby.
  • This week you must be breathing better and can probably hold your meals down better too.
  • Feeling less nauseous and no longer in the urge to run to the bathroom to pee as often, we hope!
  • Are your clothes starting to cling to your body, and not just around your belly?
  • Well, you have probably been putting on weight without even noticing it.

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Your Fitness Regime in Week 13

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Recipe for You in Week 13

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