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Baby Size this week: Avocado

Mumma, I'm now the size of an avocado—and I can make a fist and even suck my thumb. Yippee!

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Your Baby This Week
Your baby now weighs about a 100 grams and measures to about four and a half inches. The little heart, which is still beating twice as fast as yours, is also now pumping out a lot of blood every day. The amount of blood being pumped will steadily increase throughout the duration of your pregnancy. A few weeks prior to this, your baby had learned how to move the arms about and even learned how to clench and unclench the fist. At this very moment your baby might very well be playing with the umbilical cord and gently tugging at it too. The umbilical cord in turn is also growing stronger and thicker day by day. The placenta is also growing as it needs to house the blood vessels which are responsible for exchanging nutrients and oxygen between your baby's body and yours. As your baby's backbone is developing swiftly, he is significantly able to straighten out his back and neck more. At this stage of your pregnancy, your baby's nervous system is also taking purposeful developmental strides. Your baby's urinary and circulatory systems are also working at full gear.

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This week's ultrasound
  • In this closeup view of Baby's profile, you can see how his facial features are becoming more defined.
  • Notice that the sonographer has measured the length of his nasal bone.
  • This specialized measurement may be useful in screening for some genetic abnormalities.

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Symptoms you might feel
  • Lower back pain What you may be facing could be the Pelvic Girdle Pain.
  • This is an umbrella term for all the pain happening in regions near the pelvic area.
  • You may be in pain as your joints are not moving properly.
  • Get a gentle massage and do not forget to stay fit.
  • Leg cramps Your legs maybe cramping because of the sudden weight that you have gained recently.
  • It can also be said that as your baby is growing in size, the nerves and blood vessels that go to your legs may have added pressure put on them.
  • Feeling conscious about your body Trust us, it is all in your head.
  • You were used to your body looking a certain way and since pregnancy changes what you look like, it takes you out of what you are comfortable with.
  • Be strong and learn to love your body, just the way it is.
  • Itchy skin As your skin is stretching every day, it leads to all the itchiness, specially on the breasts and stomach.
  • Another reason to this is 'Eczema'.
  • Eczema is a medical condition which leads to blisters in the skin and makes the skin rather rough.
  • The good news is, there are plenty of safe remedies and medicines easily available for eczema.

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Your body & health
  • It is amazing how your body changes every week within the course of your pregnancy.
  • Since you are in what the world generally refers to as 'the best trimester of pregnancy', you may be feeling relieved and not finding too much to complain about.
  • Well, that is a great thing and we urge you to be grateful and enjoy the moment.
  • How is your weight gain so far? Remember, if you focus on good diet and regular exercise, you will be good in the long run.
  • We hope you are flaunting that pretty new bump in some lovely new clothes, too.
  • Second trimester is also a good time to make up for all that you could not do in the first 3 months.
  • Yes, this is the perfect trimester for some romantic dates and outings with your partner.
  • Now is also the time to find out more about maternity policies at work, insurance coverage etc.

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Fitness Corner

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Recipe Corner

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