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    Custard Apple During Pregnancy: Benefits & Risks

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    Custard Apple During Pregnancy: Benefits & Risks

    Updated on 14 November 2023

    Eating fruits during pregnancy is considered one of the best habits women can develop because fruits contain a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and several other important compounds. However, one cannot consume all types of fruits available in the market or those usually eaten in normal conditions. For instance, papaya is not recommended during pregnancy as it harms the fetus. But when we consider eating custard apple during pregnancy, it's quite healthy and provides the mother's body and the fetus with all the essential nutrients.

    Eating custard apple during pregnancy has a lot of benefits that one might not be aware of. That is the reason why they are apprehensive whenever it comes to the fact of adding this particular fruit to their diet. Considering this, the following article will introduce the benefits of custard apple for pregnancy and any potential risks of consuming the fruit.

    Custard apple nutrition value

    Before deciding if custard apples are good during pregnancy, it's important to understand the nutritional value of the fruit because that's what is more important for any woman carrying a child. The nutritional content and valuation will reveal the essential ingredients in custard apples, the calories, and several other aspects.


    Quantity per 100 grams of custard apple


    23.64 grams


    2.06 grams


    0.29 grams

    Vitamin B6

    0.2 milligrams

    Vitamin B1

    0.11 milligrams


    14 micrograms


    247 micrograms


    24 milligrams


    21 milligrams

    Total energy

    393 KJ

    From the above nutritional valuation table, the following facts can be inferred about the custard apple.

    • It provides a lot of energy in terms of calorific value to the pregnant woman.

    • Being the major source of vitamin B complex, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, eating custard apples during pregnancy benefits every woman.

    • Also, custard apple during pregnancy is completely safe since it contains a healthy amount of carbohydrates and fats necessary for proper fetal development, especially during the first and second trimesters.

    • With the higher protein content, the fruit will help increase the muscle strength in the mother and facilitate tissue differentiation and the formation of organs in the fetus.

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    Can you eat custard apples during pregnancy?

    One can eat custard apple during pregnancy as it is completely safe and the storehouse of some of the major vitamins and minerals required for a healthy gestation. Women often expressed concerns about whether we can eat custard apples during pregnancy. Their worries are completely justified because sometimes the fruits have components that might harm the fetus. But custard apple is not only delicious but also packed with some of the most important nutrients that will help the mother's body and the fetus develop over nine months in the usual manner. Studies have shown that women including custard apples in their pregnancy diet are at lower risk of preterm gestation.

    Benefits of custard apple during pregnancy

    As the answer to “is it safe to eat custard apples during pregnancy" is yes, knowing more about its benefits will be crucial. Furthermore, it will help clear some doubts about this fruit.

    1. Thanks to the presence of vitamin B6 in such a wonderful quantity in the custard apple, the fruit can reduce morning sickness and nausea in pregnant women. They won’t vomit straight after waking up and lose water and nutrition from the body.

    2. As custard apples are rich in potassium and magnesium, they will help regulate blood pressure which tends to increase in pregnant women. Plus, the fruit can also normalize the fluctuations in blood pressure, especially if the person suffers from depression, stress, or anxiety.

    3. Magnesium in custard apples during pregnancy will help reduce stress and depression in women.

    4. Eating custard apples alternatively will also improve cardiac health by reducing cholesterol and LDL in the blood.

    5. Thanks to the presence of so many antioxidants, custard apples can help detoxify the blood and improve the mother's and baby's immunity.

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    Side effects of eating custard apples while pregnant

    There is no potential side effect of eating custard apples during pregnancy. However, it would be better to consult the gynaecologist before adding this fruit to the pregnancy, especially if one is on a strict diet formed by a nutritionist.

    Potential risks of eating custard apples during pregnancy

    1. Although custard apple seed uses are tempting, consummating the seat can interfere with digestive health.

    2. Since custard apple is a cold fruit, avoiding it during infections is better.

    3. Also, if anyone has a risk of developing gestational diabetes, they should avoid custard apples since their sugar content is quite high.

    Safety measures while eating sitafal during pregnancy

    One should wash the apple properly before eating, and the seeds should be discarded instead of consumed. Also, another important safety measure is to consult the doctor before adding this fruit to the diet because of the high sugar content that might lead to gestational diabetes in pregnant women.


    As eating custard apple during pregnancy is completely safe, there shouldn't be any apprehension in pregnant women, especially those who have a history of higher blood pressure, poor cardiac health, and so on.


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