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    Pregnancy Tests

    How To Check Pregnancy At Home With Salt?

    Written on 15 June 2022

    What is the salt pregnancy test?

    The salt pregnancy test is a homemade DIY test that claims to determine whether you are pregnant or not by detecting the presence of HCG in your urine. It is done by using two ingredients, i. e, salt and your urine, which are then mixed together to get the result.

    If proponents of the salt react with the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) which comes into your bloodstream and urine only after the embryo implants into your uterus, this indicates that she is pregnant.

    How to take a pregnancy test with salt?

    This is a natural-based technique to check pregnancy privately at home.

    • The first step is to collect your urine sample in a container.
    • Next, put a tablespoon of salt in a clear bowl.
    • Then pour your urine on top of the salt.
    • Wait a few minutes to several hours.
    • There is no specific waiting period as different people will have different suggestions.

    How to read the result?

    • According to the theory, if one is pregnant, the mixture will become:

    -"cheesy" or "milky" in appearance.

    - There might also be foaming at the top of the mixture.

    - If your urine causes salt to clump up or fizz.

    - curdle or change the texture.

    • If one is not pregnant, it is believed that no changes will be seen. It will just look like pee with some salt in it.
    • It also happens that salt makes a foam at the top, it is an invalid result.

    How does the salt pregnancy test work?

    There is no scientific explanation for how salt pregnancy tests work, nor have there been any scientific studies conducted to back up the claims of this test. People who support the test say that the HCG will react with the salt, causing the mixture to curdle or change its texture. But there is no scientific reason for why salt and HCG would cause this reaction.

    How accurate is the salt pregnancy test?

    The salt pregnancy test is best done as a good and fun experiment. It has no medical backing, scientific basis, or physical endorsement. There is a chance that it should be right because there are just two possible outcomes, whether she is pregnant or not. There is no reason to believe that salt reacts with HCG. So, after doing this test, please make an appointment with your gynecologist or midwife. Don’t simply rely on the result of this test.

    When should you take the salt pregnancy test?

    If your periods got missed, or you are experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy, go for a Salt pregnancy test. You should take it first thing in the morning because it is said that HCG is more concentrated in the first urine. Go for a test on or after the day your period is supposed to start, otherwise you might get inaccurate results if you do it too early.


    There are several reasons why people may choose home pregnancy tests. However, there is always a more accurate and better alternative.

    • Cost: Pregnancy tests can be expensive, especially if the test is done digitally or with early test results. There are many family planning clinics where individuals can avail themselves of free pregnancy testing.
    • People who do not want to visit a doctor can get very low-cost strip-based pregnancy tests over the counter from any drug store or online. These are much more reliable and accurate than any DIY pregnancy test.
    • You can always order pregnancy test kits online for people with privacy concerns. If it is not affordable, then go for the strip-based pregnancy test. These alternatives are much more reliable and can be easily ordered from a drugstore or an online store.


    Testing pregnancy with salt may boast of being simple, natural, and free and may seem like a good idea; however, salt and other alternative pregnancy tests are neither proven nor reliable. Other good alternatives are always available and reliable, accurate and cost-effective. Also, if you feel that you’re pregnant, you can contact a midwife or gynecologist to get confirmation so that you can start taking prenatal vitamins and proper prenatal care without any further delay.


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