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    When Is The Right Time To Start Wearing A Maternity Bra In Pregnancy?

    Written on 21 July 2022

    Every woman has a unique journey when it comes to her pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy, you may realize that your breasts change in size as well as shape. This is because your mammary glands are preparing for the arrival of your baby.

    During pregnancy, your breasts can unexpectedly increase in size, probably about four cup sizes bigger. Eventually, it might become essential for you to purchase a new lightly padded nursing bra.

    When Can You Start Wearing Your Maternity Bra?

    So, the main question is, when is the right time to start wearing a maternity bra during pregnancy. In short, the answer is- the moment you notice your breasts growing in size. Maternity bras can enable your chest region to broaden without any restriction. In fact, the overall flexibility is exactly what you need, especially during the first trimester.

    If you are new to motherhood, you may want to learn more about the current changes that take place in your body during this stage. Consider reading many books related to pregnancy. Apart from that, you can also consult your doctor to learn more about the changes taking place in your body!

    One can wear their lightly padded wirefree nursing bra throughout their pregnancy. Apart from that, the bra does not exert any form of a burden on your breast tissues, due to which they are usually recommended during pregnancy. When it comes to breastfeeding, it is a recommendation that you shift to a nursing bra.

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    How Many Maternity Bras Should You Consider Purchasing Initially?

    If you are planning to buy the best lightly padded nursing bra, it is usually an excellent idea to purchase about two to three maternity bras. During the initial stages, you may face an unexpected milk leakage problem. Therefore, you might have to change your bras way more frequently than expected.

    If you find nursing clips on your maternity bra, then it is completely fine! Sometimes, these clips are not observable and come in the same pattern as your bra. Regardless of the nursing clips, it is crucial to have a lightly padded bra that is comfortable, super flexible, supportive as well as not pinching your skin. Thus, the risk of mastitis is also significantly reduced.

    Is It OK To Skip Wearing Your Maternity Bra During Pregnancy?

    If you do not wear a bra, especially during your pregnancy phase, you may experience back pain due to your heavy breasts. Eventually, your ribcage might have to widen in order to prepare for the arrival of your baby.

    It is also a recommendation that you do not skip wearing your maternity bra during the entire phase of your pregnancy. If you skip, you might have a high chance of experiencing saggy breasts right after your delivery. Therefore, make sure to opt for a lightly padded wireless bra that is extremely comfortable as well as convenient.

    If you are unsure about which bra size to purchase, you can consider following a few guidelines. First, consider purchasing a maternity bra that is at least a cup size bigger than your original one. Thus, if you are a 32C, you can try out a 34D as a starter. As your breasts increase in size, they will have more room to prepare for your baby’s arrival.


    When it comes to wearing your full coverage lightly padded bra, there isn’t any specific right time. It is ultimately your decision to shift to a maternity bra whenever you wish. However, it is usually a recommendation that you purchase a maternity bra when your second trimester starts.

    During your first trimester, you can buy about two to three maternity bras since, during this stage, you might find your breasts getting heavy or your current bra becoming a bit too tight.

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