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    Top 5 Convincing Reasons To Buy A Maternity/Nursing Moulded Spacer Cup Bra During Pregnancy & At Times Of Breastfeeding

    Written on 29 July 2022

    Your breasts are constantly changing before as well as after pregnancy. In fact, the fluctuations occurring in your milk ducts are usually responsible for the changing weight of your breasts after your delivery. In such situations, one may not find it comfortable to stick to their regular bras. Therefore, investing in a Maternity bra could turn out to be way more beneficial than you think! These bras will even help you post-delivery. So, don’t worry much as this investment will benefit you in more ways than one!

    What Are Maternity Bras?

    Maternity bras are bras that are mainly designed in order to fulfill your breast purposes before and after your delivery. Some of the basic features of a nursing bra include wider straps, extra hooks, and the soft lining of cotton on the inner side. Some of the nursing bras come with underwires, while some don’t.

    During pregnancy, your body goes through numerous changes. A few of these changes come in the form of fluctuations in hormonal levels, breast changes, as well as nipple sensitivity. Apart from that, weight gain, as well as the development of mammary glands, are some of the other changes that take place in your body during your pregnancy phase.

    During this stage, it may be pretty tempting to adjust with your regular bras. However, pampering yourself with comfortable and flexible maternity bras could turn out to be extremely helpful for your body. Since your breasts are getting heavier to accommodate your baby’s needs, it is best to buy comfortable maternity bras that offer the much-needed support.

    Convincing Reasons To Purchase A Maternity Bra

    If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here are a few convincing reasons to buy a good-quality maternity bra.


    Since maternity bras do not have any underwires, they do not pinch your skin or cause any discomfort. Apart from that, the inner cotton region of the nursing bra also prevents friction of nipple skin with the inner lining. Thus, the comfortability factor of a nursing bra is definitely guaranteed.


    Underwire bras are usually considered an unhealthy option for breasts that are lactating. This is because underwire bras tend to put a lot of pressure on the milk ducts, eventually causing a blockage. This can result in pain or other complications. Apart from that, such bras can also cause mastitis, which is a common breast infection that can also affect your baby.

    Since it is common for such conditions to occur, there are numerous nursing bras with anti-bacterial and wicking factors that are available today. Nursing bras also reduce the risk of breast infections and similar complications.

    No interruptions

    When it comes to breastfeeding, it is comparatively quicker as well as more manageable when you have a maternity bra on. There are definitely no interruptions related to discomfort or flexibility.


    When you breastfeed your baby, you do not have to unhook your bra completely. In fact, one can unhook the maternity bras with just one hand. Apart from that, you can use the other hand to multitask or carry out various other activities.

    You might see fluctuations in your breast size even after your delivery. Keeping this condition in mind, nursing bras fulfill the purpose of providing comfortability as well as flexibility according to your breast changes.

    Regular bras, when compared to maternity bras, might not be helpful, considering the fact that you have heavier breasts that are bigger in size. Therefore, it may be beneficial to opt for nursing bras that have comparatively wider straps. This way, the belt can sit way more comfortably on the shoulders, without pinching your skin, besides supporting the weight of your breasts.


    Many women usually face the issue of saggy breasts during breastfeeding, and therefore, most of them typically use underwire bras. It is a recommendation that you consider quitting underwire bras when breastfeeding.

    Thus, this is because such bras can change the overall shape of your breast. Apart from that, nursing bras provide much-needed support, apart from maintaining the overall condition of your breasts. Maternity bras come in numerous shapes and styles today. In fact, you can now easily find the most suitable bra that fulfills all your purposes.

    If you are worried about your maternity bra making you feel pretty frumpy or even old, then you do not have to worry anymore. One can find a seamless nursing maternity moulded spacer cup bra online today!

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    Indeed, you must consider purchasing a maternity bra today! Your nursing maternity moulded spacer cup bra size might also change with time; hence it is a recommendation that you change the fittings of your bra professional every few months. Today, not many women get the time to shop for maternity bras since many of them juggle between their careers as well as mommy life.

    Thus, when you opt to purchase your maternity bra online, make sure to check out legitimate sites only. You may also want to check their exchange policies. Many shopping websites also provide breast size charts to help you choose the best and the right-fitting maternity bras.

    Before purchasing a maternity bra, consider taking a look at the provided nursing maternity moulded spacer cup bra size chart. You can then buy a few nursing bras online at discounted rates. Indeed, there are numerous styles and shapes of maternity bras available today. Thus, you are sure to find the right maternity bra that suits all your requirements!

    Apart from that, it is a recommendation that you take a look at the straps as well as the overall flexibility of your maternity bra before investing. Having a talk with other moms can also help you purchase the best nursing bra too!

    Article Source:

    Dr. Deepinder Kaur (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist). August 20, 2018. Maternity and Nursing Bras: Be Informed & Choose the Right One .

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