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      Maternity Fashion

      Is It Safe To Wear A Padded Bra During Pregnancy?

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      Have you noticed a change in your breast size during pregnancy already? Are you wondering if you should continue with your regular bra or shift to a maternity one? Well, you do not have to worry at all. Although it is usually advised to continue wearing a lightly padded nursing bra even during this period, one might feel quite uncomfortable when trying to adjust with a regular one!

      What Are Some Of The Prerequisites That Your Padded Bra Needs To Fulfil?

      If you have been using a padded bra, then you can take a sigh of absolute relief. This is because these types of bras are considered safe to use when you are pregnant. Yet again, you will need to make sure that your padded bra fulfills a few prerequisites.

      The first prerequisite is that your lightly padded wire-free nursing bra needs to fit your breasts perfectly. A padded bra that is too loose or too tight might eventually lead to health problems if used continuously. A few of these health problems include blood constriction as well as blockage of the milk duct.

      The second prerequisite is to provide comfort. You can opt for padded bras that have wider straps since these bras will not pinch your skin nor cause any discomfort. Apart from that, they are also easy to hook or unhook when breastfeeding.

      Today, there are numerous maternity sports bras available that grow along with your breast size during pregnancy. You can adjust these bras according to your growing breast size. Besides, at the end of the day, increased comfortability is a guarantee.

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      What Is More Preferable? An Underwire Bra Or A Padded Bra?

      Although it is safe to wear both an underwire bra as well as a padded bra, one needs to make sure that both types have a proper fitting. In fact, a restrictive or even a tight bra may lead to health problems if used continuously. A few of the difficulties include the restriction of the milk ducts in your breasts. As long as your best lightly padded nursing bra does not pinch your breasts, it can pass off as a maternity bra.

      The same applies to a padded bra. When you opt for the correct size as well as the fitting, these bras can serve your urgent purpose. Although you may or may not favor these bras, wearing the right one, especially during pregnancy, can turn out to be beneficial in numerous ways! In short, it is absolutely safe to wear padded bras as well as underwire bras!

      Is It Advised To Wear A Padded Bra Especially During Your Pregnancy Phase?

      Since you may be lactating, you might notice an increase in the size of your breasts. It is pretty crucial for your breasts to remain supported during this phase. Although padded bras may turn out to be more or less stable, it is a recommendation that you consider using a cotton bra that does not contain any pads. A full coverage lightly padded bra will provide more space for your breasts to breathe as well as to increase in size. There are numerous cotton bras of good quality available today.

      As your breast size will keep changing, you might have to shop for new bras frequently. Thus, make sure to opt for a comfortable size that can be worn for a more extended period of time. Today, numerous online shops offer maternity bras for quite an affordable price.

      What Kind Of A Bra Is An Ideal One To Wear During Pregnancy?

      Bras having wider straps are usually considered ideal, especially during the pregnancy period, because the straps do not pinch into the skin. Apart from that, light support bras are also regarded as ideal since they provide much-needed firmness during this period. Yet again, it is crucial that you purchase a bra suited for your breast size since an incorrect size might not serve the purpose for which it has been bought in the first place.

      Can You Wear Your Bra The Entire Time During Pregnancy?

      Wearing your maternity bra all the time is sure to provide you with a comfortable experience. Yet again, it is your personal choice whether you wish to continue wearing your bra or go without one. In fact, if you feel more comfortable without your maternity bra during certain times, for example, when going to bed, you can sleep bare.

      Is It OK To Avoid Your Bra During This Period?

      It is recommended to wear your maternity bra at least most of the time. Thus, this is because gradual or unexpected weight gain might eventually lead to saggy breasts. Instead, you can try buying new bras that would suit your changing breast size. This way, you can ensure comfort, as well as flexibility.

      Women who have bigger breasts might find it more comfortable to go bare than wear a bra. In fact, this is true when compared to women with smaller breasts. Due to this, skipping your maternity bra may lead to issues including bad posture, saggy breasts, arched spine as well as rounded shoulders.

      A regular bra isn’t enough during pregnancy. Thus, you might have to purchase a lightly padded bra for increased comfort. If you do not find the right one, you can buy a bra that is closest to your size. You can then get it professionally fitted to suit your breast size requirements.


      Although motherhood may be a new phase in your life, staying prepared can help you relieve a lot of stress as well as a burden. You can also consider taking help from your spouse or your maid when it comes to household chores or leisure time.

      Thus, this way, you will be able to cope better with the changes that are taking place in your body. Buying a comfortable lightly padded wireless bra can help you prevent saggy breasts after delivery as well as ensure comfort.

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