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    Baby Sleep Management

    Top 6 Reasons Why Babies Wake up at Night

    Written on 6 December 2018

    Is your newborn waking up frequently at night? Are you aware of the reasons why your baby is not getting enough sleep at night? Your newborn should sleep for 10-12 hours on an average, during the day. A few times, babies struggle with sleep during the night and start crying. Ultimately, you and the baby may end up being restless throughout the next day. 

    Is it common for babies to wake up at frequent intervals?

    A frequent short-range sleeping cycle is normal for up to 6-month-old babies. The usual time for the baby to sleep is for 50 minutes. After every 50 minutes, the baby wakes up and falls asleep again. The parents need to observe the sleeping cycle to adjust their routine. 

    Consider points for healthy sleep of your little one

    • Nutrition: If your baby is not getting enough nutrition from his/her diet, he/she baby tends to wake up due to hunger frequently. Hunger is the prime cause of a sleep backlog. Therefore, the parent should feed the baby at appropriate intervals. You can breastfeed your baby during the night.

    • Uneasiness. During the daytime, babies are busy rolling and playing. When they lie down in bed to relax, they need to be completely comfortable to be able to get a sound sleep. Therefore, check the bedding area, sleeping position, the clothing the baby wears. 

    • Stomach ache: Stomach ache or colic is a common issue that a newborn suffers from, every now and then. A burp after each meal helps the baby to pass gas. A mild medication can also be given in case of severe stomach aches, only after consulting the doctor.  

    • Noisy Surroundings: While making a baby nap, make it a point to keep surroundings quiet and calm. Else, the baby might get disturbed or distracted by sounds and may also become cranky.

    • Check room temperature: Always adjust the room temperature according to the climatic condition. It should neither be too cold nor too hot. Set the temperature of the room before the baby sleeps.

    • Clean the sleeping area: Always remove all the toys and other things kept in the crib or bassinet. The bedding area should be kept neat and clean for the baby's comfort.

    Manage your household chores according to the baby's sleeping schedule. Note down the time when your baby usually wakes up since this will aid you in understanding the baby's sleeping pattern.

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