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    Top 10 Short Bedtime Stories for Kids

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    Top 10 Short Bedtime Stories for Kids

    Updated on 19 May 2023

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    To inculcate early reading habits among kids, short story books are the best tools. Try to develop a habit of early reading, and then there is no looking back. It is always advisable to start with bedtime storytelling. This will be a quick way to put the child to sleep and might also help to regulate early-to-bed habits.

    Experts have suggested starting with moral stories for the kids. This will help to add good understanding among the kids and infuse creative thinking.

    10 Stories You Must Read to Your Child

    Listed below are the top-rated best moral stories in English -

    1. Hare and the Tortoise

    The story of the race between hare and tortoise is popular among children. This classic story teaches about the goodness of patience and consistency. Children need to be aware of the fruit of perseverance.

    2. Thirsty Crow

    One of the best short moral stories is about a crow who struggles a lot to quench its thirst. Kids must learn that every difficulty always has a solution, and it is never advisable to give up. The kids must give their best, and then they will achieve their goals.

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    3. Lion and the Mouse

    This is a unique inspirational moral story that shows how a mighty animal like a lion befriends and asks for help from the tiniest creature of the forest, a mouse. This old tale shows how a mouse helped the forest king when it was struggling in a hunter's trap.

    4. Fox and the Grapes

    A highly rated short story with moral values highlights how the fox turned its mouth away from something it was craving so badly. A fox was yearning for a bunch of juicy, attractive grapes; it tried to jump and catch hold of them but couldn't succeed. Soon after, the fox declared that the grapes are sour. Thus, the moral of the story is not to belittle products that are far beyond one's reach.

    5. The Boy Who Cried, Wolf!

    A very interesting moral story for students in English. Here a boy repeatedly used to fool his fellow villagers into being attacked by a wolf. The story has a very important message that a liar is never trusted even when it says the truth.

    6. The Cap Seller And the Monkey

    This is one of the best moral stories highlighting wisdom's importance. A child must focus on building knowledge and use it as the supreme power other than paying attention to unimportant things.

    7. The Foolish Thief

    This is one of the inspirational short moral stories in English, highlighting the importance of honesty. One who is not speaking the truth will always stay in fear that one day his dishonesty and wrong deed might be highlighted.

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    8. The Clever Jackal

    One of the very short stories with morals highlights an Interesting tale between a foolish donkey and a clever jackal. Post relishing the cucumber meal; the donkey started singing in happiness. Jackal tried to stop him multiple times, but the foolish animal didn't listen. One fine day, when the guard heard a donkey singing, he came and beat mercilessly. That was the time when the donkey started missing Jackal's lessons that think before you act.

    9. The Golden Touch

    This is one of the unique stories where the children are taught not to be greedy and be content with whatever they have. This inspirational short tale also highlights a second important lesson that all that glitters is not gold. The gold might look attractive, but definitely, it is not perfect.

    10. Ant and the Dove

    A very interesting story of help and support between two tiny creatures of the forest - an ant and a dove. The story says mutual help and support are the perfect way to advance. The tale explains how a dove rescued an ant's life with minimal effort and how the ant returned the favour to the dove in the same manner.

    Above given are some of the best short moral stories for kids. These stories can be read out to kids as early as six months. And these stories are apt till the kid attains the age of 5 years. The best part about these stories is that they will give you a refreshing break from digital time. These days kids are glued to mobile screens and thus, this storytelling can be helpful in breaking that link.

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    So, what is the wait for? Time to bring home some of these moral stories and start the book-reading and storytelling journey with the little ones.

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