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    Top 5 Ways in Which Baby Toys Help in Your Little One’s Growth & Development

    Updated on 31 October 2022

    A toy to a kid is like a baby to a mother. Children love toys, care for them and build an unbreakable bond with them. Though the little ones are drawn to baby toys unconsciously, there are conscious principles at play in this phenomenon.

    Children are drawn to toys for entertainment, but eventually, they tend to develop certain skills playfully.

    Even if there is no toy available near a kid, the kid still succeeds in finding something and crafts it as his/her toy companion. They want its proximity at every moment in their childhood.

    Do these toys have any significance, or are they just playing instruments?

    What is the use of a toy?

    How does a toy help in the growth and development of the little ones?

    Baby girl toys or baby boy toys hold significance in every sphere of a child’s growth.

    Children tend to grow fast in their first 5 years. This growth mainly takes place across 5 areas of development, which are

    • Cognitive,

    • Social,

    • Emotional,

    • Motor, and

    • Communication.

    Let’s learn how toys help in healthy growth

    1. Boost child’s IQ and creative thinking capability

    Educational toys follow the “Learn & Play” methodology in helping a child’s cognitive development. Cognitive development means the phase of development in which children develop thinking, exploration and figuring out their capabilities.

    When a child is given toys pretending to be like food or dolls, they make their world around them. Sometimes, they make their restaurant using the food toys, or treat the baby doll toys like their babies, which makes them think differently.

    While building a tower with blocks and watching it fall, they unconsciously learn the laws of Physics. Arranging rings according to colour helps them to identify colours and enhances the brain’s grasping power, which boosts the IQ level of the child.

    2. Create social skills

    Various 1-year baby toys not only become the children's world but also teach them to share this world with others. Children start playing with toys and eventually learn to find their playmates to share their happiness and excitement. Moreover, they slowly learn to socialise.

    Developing social skills means finding new friends and communicating with them, learning to hold hands and helping them in need. Toys sow the seed of this socialising skill in the young one's mind.

    3. Build emotion

    The more a child plays with a toy, the more the kid starts to become emotionally attached to it. Their world surrounds the toy, they carry the toy wherever they go. The child learns to love and care. Or simply, the kid starts developing emotions from within. This phenomenon of cultivating feelings for the toys promotes and fosters healthy as well as positive bonding in a child.

    Moreover, children also learn to associate with their playmates, even with their parents, who play with them. Hence, every parent should daily spend some time playing with the child to become a part of the child's emotional growth.

    4. Enhance motor development

    Toys play a key role in building the coordination of the motor nerves of a child’s body. Holding, catching, carrying and playing with toys make a child more adept at hand-eye-body co-functionality.

    With pushing, pulling, grabbing or even pinching, the child learns to manipulate the toys and eventually gains more control over his/her motor nerves.

    Learning to play with beads, buttons or zippers develops the fingers’ functionality of a child; playing with football provides them more control over their legs and so on. Thus, every organ of a child enhances its functionality over time.

    5. Develop problem-solving skills

    There are many educational toys built to drive the child towards a solution. The toys create a problem meant to be solved, which makes the child eager and attentive. Educational toys such as sensory blocks and re-arranging rings encourage the child to solve it and slowly develop a problem-solving skill within the child’s unconscious mind. When the kid grows up, this skill enhances even more, which ultimately drives them to become intellectual.


    Toys play a crucial part in a child's development. Toys are more than just playthings; children learn using every part of their bodies, and many toys provide chances for hands-on learning that may help kids develop foundational abilities that will help them throughout their lives. At Mylo Family, we make the process of selecting the perfect toys for your kids easier by making baby toys best suited for the little ones.


    Guyton, G. Using Toys to SupportInfant-Toddler Learning and Development.

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