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    Third Trimester

    How to effectively deal with the changes occurring during the third trimester of your pregnancy?

    Written on 14 August 2018

    The third trimester of your pregnancy is a phase which can cause a lot of sleep related changes as you gain weight and the pressure of the growing foetus starts to impact your blood flow as well as the muscles and joints of the body. In case you can’t sleep during this period or have troubles sleeping, read on to know about some effective tips to improve your sleep.

    How sleep changes during the third trimester?

    For many women, the third trimester can seem difficult with a host of health issues such as back pain, sleep apnea, and heartburn among other issues.

    Not only your sleep get affected, but you are likely to experience more fatigue due to your growing body.

    Back pain: According to a recent study by the NCBI, 2 out of 3 women are likely to suffer from lower back pain and muscle soreness during pregnancy which can cause disturbance in sleep.

    Insomnia: Insomnia can also strike women during the late pregnancy period. In this case, the principal drivers include anxiety, depression, fatal kicking & movements, disturbed dreams as well as pain and discomfort due to the increasing foetal pressure. Besides this, frequent bathroom breaks can also disrupt sleep.

    Snoring: A number of women can also develop sleep apnea during this period which may be a sign of a more severe condition. Research shows that snoring can be a sign of high blood pressure and preeclampsia.

    Heartburn: Due to slowing down of the digestive system during late pregnancy, many expecting mothers can develop heartburn, a condition which involves the rising of acid through the oesophagus, resulting in a burning chest sensation.

    Sleeping better during the third trimester

    According to doctors, the best sleeping position is when you lie down on your left side with the legs slightly tucked towards the chin area. This results in improved blood flow to the uterus and helps deliver essential nutrients to the foetus.

    The improved circulation can reduce swelling, varicose veins and haemorrhoids in women.

    In order to improve on the sleep, you can practice meditation and deep breathing techniques. In order to prevent heartburn, you can shift to eating small meals and avoid trigger foods.

    Follow a proper routine and sleep at the same time each day. Try to ensure a calm and soothing atmosphere during sleep time. In case you see any other medical complications, consult your doctor rather than trying self-medication during this period.

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