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    Top 10 Panchatantra Stories for Babies & Kids


    Top 10 Panchatantra Stories for Babies & Kids

    Updated on 31 October 2022

    Do your kids get bored easily? Rather than giving them gadgets, why don't you read Panchatantra stories that are bound to get them excited?

    10 Panchatantras to Read to Your Toddler

    Here are 10 interesting Panchatantras you can read to your toddler and also instil moral values in them:

    1. The Crocodile and the Monkey

    One day, the crocodile's wife invites the monkey to dinner. Considering the invitation harmless, the monkey accepts it. The two meet at the coast, and as the monkey cannot swim, the crocodile proposes a ride on his back.

    On the way, the crocodile reveals his wicked intention of killing the monkey. "You should have informed me before," says the clever monkey. “I have left my heart on the tree. We should go back and retrieve it.” The foolish crocodile agrees and takes him back to the shore. The monkey jumps out of the water and climbs his tree to a safe place. The story's moral is that we should be careful of false friends.

    2. The Crane and the Snail

    The crane and the snail is another famous Panchatantra story.

    In this story, a crane befriended a snail. The crane was very kind to the snail and protected him from danger. One day, the crane also got injured, and the snail came to his rescue without a second thought. The moral here is that we should always help people in need. By telling such Panchatantra short stories in Hindi with morals, we can teach our kids the importance of helping others.

    3. The Mouse and the Elephants

    Here is another popular Panchatantra story for kids.

    One day, a herd of elephants was caught in a hunter’s net. A mouse saw the elephants in trouble and decided to help them. It started chewing through the net around one corner. Soon, it made a hole big enough for the elephants to break free of the net. The elephants were very grateful to the mouse and thanked him. The moral of the story is that even the tiniest critter can make a big difference.

    4. The Devoted Mongoose

    A farmer couple kept a mongoose as a pet. One day, they had to go outside their village for some work, so they left their baby with the mongoose. While they were out, a snake entered the house and reached near the infant's cradle. The mongoose saw the snake and killed it before it could harm the baby. The moral of the story is that knowledge and faithfulness are more important than size or strength. Find more such Panchatantra stories in English on our website.

    5. The Geese and the Tortoise

    A tortoise and two geese were friends living near a lake. The geese thought of flying to a new place as the lake parched. The tortoise requested the geese to take him along. The geese agreed and instructed the tortoise to hold a stick in his mouth and should not open his mouth.

    During their flight, some animals expressed their pity for the turtle. Their comments irritated the turtle, and he opened his mouth to reply and fell to the ground and died. The moral of this tale is that one should never ignore the advice or suggestions of their friends.

    Download this Panchatantra story in English pdf and read it to your kids. It will help you teach them important life values and lessons.

    6. The Tale of Three Fish

    Three fish who used to live in a lake were great friends. The first fish was extremely wise; the second was very clever and always knew how to get out of trouble; the third was stubborn and resistant to change. One day, the first fish heard a fisherman saying that he would come to the lake the next day to catch fish. She warned his friends about it.

    The fisherman came the next day and could catch the other two fish. The first fish moved out. The second one escaped from his net by acting to be dead, and the third fish did nothing to save herself and was killed.

    The moral of the story is that it's essential to be flexible and adaptable in life. Panchatantra stories in English are great for entertaining and teaching kids.

    7. The Rabbit and the Lion

    The animals in the forest were terrified of the greedy lion that roamed the jungle, attacking and killing small creatures. To save themselves, the animals came up with a plan. They went to the lion and offered to send one animal daily as his prey. On the first day, they sent a rabbit, but he was the smartest among them.

    At dusk, the rabbit went to the lion. He told the lion to come to the well where he had found another animal claiming to be stronger than the lion. When the lion looked inside the well, he saw his reflection and felt it was another lion. He roared and jumped into the well to kill himself, but he killed himself. The rabbit thus saved himself and all other animals in the jungle.

    The moral of the story is that knowledge is more powerful than strength. Panchatantra Stories like this are perfect for bedtime reading with kids.

    8. The Drum and the Jackal

    A jackal once wandered out of his jungle and came upon a desolate battleground. He was hungry, so he started to look for food when he heard some noise. He got scared and thought of running, but then he thought of checking who was making that sound.

    He discovered an abandoned drum beside a tree, and as the tree's branches brushed against it in the wind, it gave off a hollow sound. He was relieved, and he went on to seek food. The moral of the story is that we should not be afraid of things and face our fears.

    9. The Birds and the Elephant

    A couple of sparrows had a nest with eggs on a tree and were soon expecting their young ones. However, an overbearing elephant came to the region and shook the tree so violently that it shattered the nest and eggs. The sparrows were furious and thought of taking revenge.

    They asked their friends to help them, such as telling the fly to fly around the elephant's ear and asking the woodpecker to pierce the elephant’s eyes as soon as he sleeps. The elephant will get up and try to find water. I will croak away, and the elephant will think there is water around and reach the place. We will make a huge pit, and the elephant will fall into it.

    They worked as per the plan, and the elephant fell into the pit and died. The moral of the story is that intelligence is above and more powerful than strength. Panchatantra Short Stories in Hindi with morals can teach kids this lesson fun and entertaining.

    10. Advice from the Wise Minister

    One night, a group of owls attacked and killed all the crows in nearby woodland. The crows couldn't defend themselves at night since they couldn't see clearly. They were distressed and went to their old wise minister for assistance.

    The crows returned to the owl cave the next day, where they pretended spectacularly! A crow acted to praise the owls, but his fellow crows shot him down. The Owl King took this to be a good sign, assuming that the crow was in favour of owls.

    The crow remained with the owls for a couple of days until one morning when he flew out and set fire to the owl’s cave with the aid of his crow friends. The moral of the story is to keep your friends and enemies closer.

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    These 10 Panchatantra stories are a great read for your child. You can find these Panchatantra Stories in English Pdf online really easily. They are a must-read for your child's mental development. Every day tell them to read one story and ask them questions based on it. It helps your child grow in enormous ways. Try to make them retain their morals and teachings.

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