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      Protein Powder in Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks & More

      Vitamins & Supplements

      Protein Powder in Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks & More

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      Nutrition becomes a priority during pregnancy - not just for the expecting mother, but also for her growing baby. It becomes vital for expecting moms to consume foods that give them the required amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, especially since they are eating for two.

      Many expecting mothers undergo a lot of discomfort and nausea during their pregnancy journey and are unable to consume a lot of foods, making it difficult for their bodies to take in superfoods or foods rich in nutrients. This is why many pregnant women opt for prenatal vitamins or protein powder to supplement their nutrient intake. Protein powder is a great supplement that helps pregnant women meet their protein demands. Let's find out all about the benefits of protein powder during pregnancy and the best time to take protein powder in pregnancy.

      What exactly is protein powder?

      As the name suggests, protein powder is a protein supplement found in powder form. Protein comprises amino acids and plays a very important role in the overall functioning of the body. From developing tissues and organs to aiding bodily functions and developing muscle mass, proteins are present in plant-based and animal-based foods. As a pregnant woman, it is important to consume protein powder during pregnancy to meet the body's daily protein needs. This becomes essentially important for pregnant women who eat vegetarian diets, so their body can easily get the boost it needs.

      Is it safe to consume protein powder during pregnancy?

      Typically, it is safe to consume protein powder in pregnancy. According to experts, an individual's daily diet should consist of at least 25% proteins. For a pregnant woman, this intake becomes important through supplements, especially if one is finding it difficult to get enough protein as part of their diet. While it may be safe to consume protein powder during pregnancy, it depends entirely on the quality of the protein powder one is consuming - it is always best to consult an expert to ensure the protein powder is made using safe ingredients and is certified by the FDA.

      Benefits of protein powder during pregnancy

      Consuming protein powder in pregnancy is a very convenient way to increase the body’s protein intake. From protein shakes to using the powder to make bread, smoothies, or snacks, there are many ways to consume protein powder. Here are some well-known benefits of protein powder during pregnancy -

      • Feeling Full: During pregnancy, the body craves a lot of food - and one of the best ways to keep the body full, is by consuming protein. Protein powder in the form of a shake or a smoothie is a great way to cut out hunger pangs.

      • Repairs Damaged Tissues: Protein helps the body repair damaged tissues, especially during pregnancy when the tissues take a longer time to recover.

      • Helps Make Enzymes and Hormones: Consumption of protein powder during pregnancy helps the body produce the required enzymes and hormones, as the body tends to be erratic in its production during pregnancy. These are required for the body to function well. Protein powder therefore can aid in keeping mood swings and hormonal imbalances in check.

      • Helps in Foetal Development: Protein is known as the body's building blocks and therefore consuming a proper amount helps not only the expecting mother but the development of the foetus.

      How much protein should a pregnant woman consume?

      During pregnancy, a woman should consume a good amount of protein. This equates to at least 60 grams daily. The protein consumption should be equivalent to at least 25% of the pregnant woman's daily caloric intake.

      How to choose a protein powder during pregnancy

      During pregnancy, it is important to consume protein that contains high-quality ingredients. The powder should contain the required herbs, vitamins and minerals to constitute a high-nutrient diet. One should also look out for caffeine in the protein powder and avoid it if it contains caffeine. Over and above, pregnant women should go through the labels of the protein powder to ensure they are not allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients.

      What are the risks of consuming protein powder during pregnancy?

      Generally, there are no risks in consuming protein powder in pregnancy, if consumed in moderate quantities. However, it is important to choose a powder that is FDA approved and labelled clearly. Pregnant women should avoid protein powder brands that have added caffeine or vitamins as this is to be avoided during pregnancy.

      Enhanced protein sources

      Protein helps in the overall development of the body and the baby's body during pregnancy. Besides consuming protein powder in pregnancy, women can consume some other enhanced sources of protein such as lean meats, beans, nuts, seafood, lentils, soy products and eggs.

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