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    Postnatal Ayurvedic Care for New Mothers

    Postnatal Care

    Postnatal Ayurvedic Care for New Mothers

    Updated on 29 April 2024

    As a new mother, the first few months after bringing your child into this world are crucial for you and your body. It is during the first six weeks, also known as the postpartum period, that your body begins to recover and regain its lost strength. Your uterus will begin to shrink back to its normal size and all the body organs, ligaments and muscles will return to their original state. To ensure a speedy and full recovery, mothers can turn to postnatal Ayurvedic care.

    How Ayurveda Helps in Postnatal Care

    Following postnatal ayurvedic care can help new mothers in numerous ways, some of which are as listed below:

    • Improved & adequate lactation
    • Increased circulation
    • Better digestion and excretion
    • Vata balance
    • Pain and soreness relief
    • Happy mood & mind
    • Deep rest

    Ayurveda Diet Tips for Postnatal Care

    Your baby’s nutrition and health depend on the diet you consume because all the nutrients in your diet will pass to your baby through breast milk. According to postnatal ayurvedic care, here are some diet tips you must follow after delivery:

    • To optimise your digestion, you should take sesame oil or ghee with Panchkola, one of best the ayurvedic medicines after delivery.
    • You should also consume rice gruel and milk, medicated with Vidharigandhadi Gana or panchkola.
    • Besides this, you should also drink jaggery water for the first week after your delivery
    • From the second week, you can start consuming foods that are easily digestible.
    • Try to take small meal spread throughout the day instead of taking three big meals.
    • There are a lot of Ayurvedic herbs and medicines you can take after delivery to recover and regain strength.

    Mother's Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Methods

    According to the postnatal care in Ayurveda, the first 42 days of your baby’s life are essential for mother-child bonding, rest and rejuvenation. Here are some Ayurvedic postpartum care methods that you can follow:

    1. Postpartum Massage

    Postpartum massage can help new mothers heal physically, emotionally and mentally from childbirth. Ayurvedic massages can help in internal muscle repair, relaxation and stress relief. Since your muscles and nerves are still sensitive from the labor, you should get massages from an ayurvedic practitioner or expert. This will help relieve your back ache, strengthen your body and accelerate healing.

    2. Belly Wrapping

    According to ancient postnatal care in Ayurveda, mothers should wear wide belts on their abdomen to return to your old shape, provide support to the lower back and aid the uterus-shrinking process. You can use maternity belts and belly bands for this purpose after consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner.

    3. Ayurvedic Herbs

    Natural herbs and medications like Dashamoolarishtam, Shatavari powder, Jeerakarishtam and Dhanwantharam thailam can help your body to heal faster and prepare you for your new role as a mother. The consumption and application of these Ayurvedic medicines can be a great way to start your postnatal Ayurvedic care.

    Why Should You Have a Nursing Care Plan for Postnatal Mothers?

    As a new mother, especially if you are a first-time mother, having a nursing care plan can smoothen any roadblocks on your breastfeeding journey. According to the postnatal care in Ayurveda, the consumption of certain Ayurvedic herbs and medicines along with Indian foods can help increase your breast milk supply naturally and improve your maternal health.

    Here are some benefits of having a nursing care plan for postnatal mothers:

    • Learning correct latching techniques for breastfeeding
    • Improving low breast milk supply
    • Relieving breast or nipple pain and soreness
    • Reducing chances of breast infections and breastfeeding problems
    • Lowering maternal anxiety, stress and disinterest

    Ayurvedic Medicines to Intake After Delivery

    According to postnatal Ayurvedic care, consuming these ayurvedic medicines after delivery can help relieve your symptoms and condition:

    1. Dashamoolarishtam

    Dashamoolarishtam is super effective in boosting immune function and reducing the risk of infections. Since your body is still sensitive and recovering, you can consume Dashamoolarishtam for the first few months to improve your immunity and reduce inflammation and pain.

    2. Jeerakarishtam

    Jeerakarishtam is ideal for inducing normal lactation as it keeps the body warm. Owing to its hot nature, Jeerakarishtam is usually recommended to mothers for the winter or monsoon seasons.

    3. Shatavari

    Shatavari can help improve your lactation and regulate your body’s overall hormonal balance. Shatavari herb when mixed with boiling milk can increase your breast milk production and even help prevent postpartum depression.

    Mylo 100% Natural Shatavari Powder promotes hormonal balance, improves lactation health, relieves stress and anxiety and aids healthy digestion, making it a superfood for all new moms.

    4. Musta

    Musta is a great herb to improve your breast milk production. Additionally, it can help relieve clogged ducts and inflammation, common breastfeeding problems.

    Closing Thoughts

    Most moms make their newborn babies the centre of their world and begin to overlook their own health and well-being. Your postpartum recovery is equally important, if not more because your health and diet directly affect your baby. Following postnatal Ayurvedic care, consuming Ayurvedic medicines after delivery and adopting Ayurvedic postpartum care methods can help you heal faster and boost your maternal health.

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