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    Know more about Infant developmental milestones for 7-12 months old. 

    Written on 16 August 2018

    Once you celebrate your baby’s half birthday your baby might surprise you how quickly he/she is picking up new skills like laughing, standing, and sitting. You can expect your baby to continue to develop rapidly in the next few months. Your baby has become inquisitive and will closely observe the objects and people around him/her. Here are a few developments that can be seen in your baby when he/she is 7-9 months old:


    1. Can sit without your help and support

    1. Can reach out for the far-away toy without falling

    1. Will begin creeping and crawling

    1. During tummy time your baby can pick up his/her head and can push through elbows

    1. Turns head towards the toy that has sound and light

    1. Will imitate others in simple play

    1. Pick up small objects with fingers and thumbs


    1. Will enjoy rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down.

    1. Will carefully explore the object by using hands and will try to put it in mouth.

    1. Can turn several pages of a cardboard book.

    1. Will observe environment by changing positions like crawling, standing, lying on back or tummy, and sitting.

    1. Carefully focus on near and far away objects.

    1. Will scrutinize different objects of various shapes, textures, and sizes.

    1. Will experiment with the amount of force that is required to pick up different objects.


    1. Can imitate sounds

    1. Will recognize the sound of their name

    1. Will turn head when familiar people or objects are named

    1. Will participate in 2-way communication

    1. Will sometimes show simple gestures such as shaking head for “No”.

    1. Will follow simple routine commands if instructed with gestures.

    1. Will use a variety of sounds while babbling.


    1. Will show a strong reaction on introducing a new food item.

    1. Will react to new smells and tastes.

    1. Will begin to eat thick pureed and mashed food items.

    1. Loves to chew toys during teething as that helps in massaging sore and swollen gums.

    1. Loves to sit on a high chair and will try to hold and drink from a bottle.

    1. Stays full longer after having 1 nutritious meal.

    1. Will look and try to reach out for objects like colorful edible items.

    Here are a few developments that can be seen in your baby when he/she is 10-12 months old:


    1. Will cruise along with furniture and will try to pull it.

    1. Will practice taking independent steps and will try to stand alone.

    1. Will try to move in and out of different positions to get desired toys.

    1. Will try to maintain the balance of the body while sitting and throwing objects.

    1. Will try clapping hands.

    1. Will carefully use fingertips and thumbs to pick up tiny objects.

    1. Can transfer an object from one hand to another.


    1. Enjoy listening to nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, lullabies, and songs.

    1. Will try to reach the object by crawling.

    1. Explore different toys with mouth and fingers.


    1. Will speak “Mama” and “Dada”

    1. Can respond to simple instructions like “come here”

    1. Your baby will talk gibberish in social communication.

    1. Can speak 1-2 words

    1. Can respond to “No”

    1. Can express by using hand movements what he/she wants and needs.

    1. Will carefully pay attention to what you are looking at and pointing out.


    1. Will enjoy self-feed (finger food)

    1. Will try using an open cup

    1. Will eat a variety of food

    1. Will relish soft-cooked vegetables, soft fruits, and finger foods.

    1. Wants to try self-feeding with a spoon and cup.

    1. Will enjoy looking in the mirror.

    1. Will enjoy simple activities like brushing hair by looking in the mirror.

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