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    Golden tips of Ayurveda for pregnant women to keep the spirits high 

    Updated on 29 January 2022

    A woman goes through the most transformative and sacred times of her life during pregnancy. Change and growth are two dominators that determine the period. To support the development of a new life, it is of utmost importance to take care of ourselves and our babies. Ayurveda is an excellent addition to create that support for the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the mother and baby. Here are some Ayurvedic recommendations to provide self-care to cure and even prevent pregnancy ailments-

    • Have plenty of coconut water as it is hydrating and provides electrolytes that are lost from morning sickness. It also soothes acid reflux, reducing the pain of pregnancy-related heartburn.

    • Strong ginger tea or lukewarm lemon water to drink directly when you wake up can help relieve morning sickness.

    • Is nausea bothering you during the day? Chew on ginger candy. It is also called golden ginger.

    • Including good fats and healthy vegetable oils such as organic full-fat milk, seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) and overnight soaked nuts in your diet can have plenty of benefits.

    • The digestion irregularities that are dominant during pregnancy can be prevented by cooking with ghee. It aids in nourishing your baby.

    • Drink one glass of warm cow’s milk with a teaspoon of ghee in it to boost your baby’s immunity and build their tissues.

    • Have good quality pregnancy vitamins which contain most vital minerals and vitamins such as folic acids, iron, B12, Vitamin C and E, and calcium. From the 7th month onwards, it is advised to take extra calcium, zinc, and magnesium to help build the baby’s bones.

    • Get enough sleep throughout your pregnancy. It is perfectly fine to feel tired. If you have difficulties with sleeping, cushion yourself with pillows and a blanket all around, have warm spiced milk before going to bed, and put a hot water bottle against your lower back to get some relief.

    • Avoid coffee and tea as much as you can to avoid restlessness. This suggestion might be difficult for some to follow but give yourself other healthy choices.

    • Iron deficiency? Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, fish, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa. You can also have supplements to replenish yourself.

    • A conscious walking for 30 minutes at a slow and steady pace can be beneficial. Be gentle while exercising. Avoid running and jogging to avoid pressure on your pelvic floor muscles.

    • Connect with your body and your baby by doing a regular yoga practice. 3-5 times a week for 25-30 minutes yoga is more than enough.

    • Meditation is highly recommended to help you relax better and connect with your body and baby.

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