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    Baby Shower

    Learn all the important do’s and don’ts of hosting a baby shower. 

    Written on 20 June 2019

    One of the joys of pregnancy is the various rituals, customs and celebrations associated with it. A baby shower is one such celebration that is very popular these days. So much so that baby showers have now become more than just mere friends and family get-togethers. But, planning and hosting a baby shower can be a challenging prospect whether you are the expecting mother, a friend, relative or colleague. Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts of hosting a baby shower.


    • Always involve the mother-to-be while planning the baby shower. It is vital to inform her and make sure she is comfortable with the planned date and venue.

    • Invite the father-to-be and his friends also and not just restrict the guest list only to the mom’s friends. They will be very excited and happy to join in the fun.

    • Open the presents during the baby shower as it adds to the celebrations with the expecting parents and the guests enjoying looking at all the cute and colorful gifts.

    • Instead of going for elaborate meals, serve simple food such as cakes, sandwiches, pastries, cookies, buns, sweets, scones, pastries etc.

    • Always keep the event restricted to 2-3 hours and focus on having fun during this time. Dragging it and overdoing it may end up making the expectant mother tired and irritated.

    • Plan the games and activities in advance and not just leave it for the guests to decide.

    • Take lots of photos as these would-be life long memories being created.


    • Never invite a whole lot of people in trying to have a grand party. Make it an intimate and cozy experience as too many guests would lead to lot of noise and movement which may be troublesome for the mother.

    • Never plan it as a surprise since baby showers are done near the due date and you don’t want the mum-to-be to not feel well or tired on the day you decide to surprise her.

    • Do not play any games or activities that may embarrass the expectant mother or the guests.

    • If possible, avoid serving alcohol since it is a baby shower and a drunk and loud guest is the last thing you want. Mocktails and soft drinks should be preferred instead.

    And finally, always keep in mind that the purpose of the baby shower is to make the mother-to-be feel really happy and special. That thought should be the guiding light as you plan and host the baby shower.

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