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    Is it normal to experience hair fall during pregnancy, and how to deal with it?

    Written on 2 August 2022

    Pregnancy is undeniably a life-changing period of any woman’s life. Your body can alter and have changes you once thought weren’t possible at all. While the changes are quite a lot, this also ensures they are both good and bad. You can bask in the glory of half of the changes, while the other half can make you question your body and the life you have lived until now. One of such frustrating changes during pregnancy can be hair fall. Hair fall can be extremely tiring, mainly when catering to another life inside you!

    Is hair fall a normal thing to experience during your pregnancy?

    You may have this question because hair fall is not common among pregnant women. Only a tiny part of the pregnancy population experiences this. But even if it is uncommon, let us reassure you that hair loss is entirely normal. Your body goes through a million noticeable and unnoticeable changes during pregnancy, and the ultimate reason is the hormones. The level of hormones produced in our bodies significantly increases or decreases in our bodies during pregnancy. Thus, even if the expectation might be extended, shiny, and lustrous hair following the increased estrogen level in your body, it is not guaranteed.

    Reasons for hair fall during pregnancy

    The stages of pregnancy can highly affect the level of hair loss you see in your body. Most women experience the highest level in the postpartum period, which means after giving birth to their baby. If you want to find out the exact reason why your hair may be going through this loss, then here are some tips to help you identify it:-

    • Hormones:

    This one is the most common reason. The hormonal changes in your body can never be predicted or placed in a proper cycle. These changes always depend on multiple factors of your lifestyle, physical and mental health, etc. Once these changes occur, they either improve an aspect of your life or may show a downgrade. The parts cover things like your appearance, your behavior, etc.

    In the process of hair fall, hormones can play a significant role. The body's imbalance or new nature can put the hair into a resting phase. The resting step is a part of the process of hair growth. If the resting stage is exaggerated or extended, you can see more hair loss than average. Stress, shock, anxiety, and other feelings among pregnant women may cause this drastic hormonal change. The body also puts all its effort into supporting the baby’s growth, even affecting the balance.

    • Postpartum and other health conditions:

    A condition called telogen effluvium may occur in your postpartum period. In this condition, your hair's growth cycle is interrupted and affected, resulting in hair loss. It also affects the growth of new and existing hair, which means you will see a lot of thinning and reduction in the volume of your hair.

    Health conditions refer to any deficiency your body might have due to recent changes and losses. Iron deficiency is the most common but may also lack other nutrients and thyroid can be a cause of hair loss as well.

    Hair loss can result from a lack of attention or bad habits. This is understandable during pregnancy because you may have other complications or things to take care of. And hair loss can be triggered by tying or pulling on your hair too tightly or frequently.

    How to treat hair loss caused by pregnancy?

    Like all the changes that happen during pregnancy, hair loss is also a temporary one. Hair loss can affect you from the third month of pregnancy to three-4 months post pregnancy. With the proper steps, you can get your healthy hair back quickly. Some women gain even more volume in their hair after pregnancy. You may get confused with seeing multiple methods that claim to be the best, but we have determined the best one after careful consideration- Onion hair oil!

    What is Onion Hair Oil?

    Onion hair care oil is precisely what it is titled; through a series of methods, oils are extracted from onions which help in the hair care of people around the world. Onion may sound like an unlikely option to opt for hair care, but over the past few years, experts around the world have been vouching for it. The list of benefits of onion oil for hair growth is never-ending. Here are a few pointers that will give you a fair idea:

    • Optimizing hair growth using antioxidants

    • Improved blood circulation for thicker hair

    • Boosted hair growth that can tackle even baldness

    • Sulfur in the oil prevents split ends or breakage

    • Avoids oxidation of hair which prevents premature greying of hair

    • It can be combined with any oil

    • Eliminates bacteria that cause dandruff

    • Provides nourishment and prevents frizzy hair

    You can easily use onion oil for hair care without putting too much effort into it. Pregnancy can be a busy time and even a lazy one. Everyday activities may seem like the most complicated tasks. But the concept of using onion oil for hair is so simple that you will not need to go out of your way. There are several ways to add this product to your routine, such as applying it before a shower, for overnight nourishment, etc. The best results can be achieved by opting for an onion oil hair care kit. There are many onion-oriented products available, like onion shampoos and conditioners. You can easily access them through an onion oil hair care combo and start seeing the results soon after.


    Now you know how to deal with your hair fall issues throughout your pregnancy and post-pregnancy as well. Keep reminding yourself that all these changes are temporary and you will feel like yourself soon enough. Consistency in motivating yourself and maintaining healthy routines is the most important factor. Demotivation is easy but always remember that, you are beautiful no matter what. Happy pregnancy!

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