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    When does the problem of hair fall arise in pregnancy? How to resolve it?

    Written on 2 August 2022

    Pregnancy takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and nothing can beat it. The ride is full of scary and happy moments with a lot of excitement. The waiting you must go through to see your bundle of joy in your arms is worth it. While the end is worth it, some stages of pregnancy may come as a shock and may be challenging to get through. This is primarily caused by hormonal changes in a pregnant woman's body. The changes are not in your control, but how you deal with them makes it way better for yourself.

    When you expect, you get all sorts of advice from your experienced family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers who see the bump! This will surely help you a lot during the journey, but every pregnancy experience is unique. Many symptoms and conditions are alike among pregnant women, that is for sure. But the causes, treatment, and solutions differ from person to person. It is not even confirmed if you will go through the same situation as others. One such factor about pregnancy that scares all women is the state of their hair’s health throughout the pregnancy.

    Is hair fall a confirmed condition among pregnant women?

    There are many shared experiences pregnant women go through. But hair fall is such a factor that may or may not be seen in different pregnancies. Hair fall is not as common as you think it might be. It is hard to keep track of the ratio or percentage of the women who experience this. This is understandable since there are about a hundred aspects and things to take care of. But if we were to take a look at the statistics then you can see about 40 to 50% of pregnant women have the issue of hair loss. You can be a part of either of the population. The answer to the above question is no, hair fall is not a confirmed condition that you will have.

    When will the hair loss issue arise?

    If you are a part of 40-50% of women who go through hair loss, it can be scary. This will be a new territory if you have never had hair fall issues. The hair loss occurrence depends upon your hormonal changes. This means that you cannot determine when or in which stage of pregnancy these issues will occur. It is unlikely to see hair loss issues at the very start of the pregnancy unless you have existing problems which can be maximized. You may start experiencing excessive hair loss after 3 to 4 months into the 9 months journey, although it is uncommon. The usual occurrence of this problem is after pregnancy. You may notice heavy hair fall in the post-pregnancy or postpartum period even after months. This is when most women have reported incidents of hair loss.

    How do you recognize the hair loss condition?

    Are you confused if you actually have hair fall at an excessive level, or is it normal? Excessive hair fall during pregnancy happens because the hormones in your body mess with the growth cycle of the scalp. The name of this particular condition is telogen effluvium. The ‘telogen’ in the title refers to a specific ‘resting’ phase of the cycle wherein the growth of new hair is paused. The hormones in your body can cause your cycle to slip and stay in the resting step for an extended amount of time. This will make you shed more hair than average, and the lack of hair growth will affect the volume. Emotions like stress, fear, shock, etc., accelerate this process.

    You can pay attention to little signs that may indicate the start of hair fall. Keep a check on your hair brush and notice how much hair you shed daily. You need not be specific; an average volume can be remembered. If this volume of lost hair keeps increasing abnormally, then it is time to take action. Other signs you can look out for are thinning hair or a significant decrease in volume, bald spots or patches around the scalp, etc.

    What is the solution?

    If you ever ask a group of people this question in person, then get ready to get confused! Every single person will give you a different solution. Soon you will be stuck in the cycle of trying every remedy, which may only work with a particular hair type or a specific lifestyle. Your hair loss journey will end with you frustrated and your hair in poor shape from all the experiments. Fortunately, this can be avoided with a particular natural oil and consistency. Onion hair care oil is the solution to these severe and excessive hair loss issues during pregnancy.

    Onion hair oil has proved to be one of the most healing products in the past few years, even beating the traditional hair oils in the process. Onion oil for hair is the best treatment for pregnancy hair loss due to all the nutrients packed in it. They can help balance the hormonal changes and maintain the healthy growth of your hair. How so? Well, the oil is rich in antioxidants that optimize and regulate hair growth. The improved blood circulation while using onion oil for hair growth makes sure that your hair is also thick in volume.

    Moreover, onion oil for hair care is essential due to the presence of sulfur that prevents split ends or weak hair, which may result in breakage. You can also bid farewell to different hair problems like dandruff, premature graying, curly hair, and hair loss. This oil provides the best nourishment, mainly if you use an onion oil hair care kit. This kit can revive your hair from all kinds of damage, from mild hair loss to bald spots. You can just opt for an onion oil hair care combo or a kit according to the treatment your hair needs.


    The most crucial point to focus on in this process is “this is just temporary”. The hair loss issues caused solely by pregnancy are just a part of the whole big picture, and this part will dissolve soon after your baby is here. So remember that your gorgeous hair will be back to how it was in no time. Keep showering yourself with compliments, and add in some more from us!

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