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      How to Choose a Face Wash According to Your Skin Type?


      How to Choose a Face Wash According to Your Skin Type?

      Updated on 27 March 2023

      Choosing the right face wash for your skin type can be a daunting task, especially with the wide range of products available in the market. Using the wrong face wash can lead to skin problems such as dryness, oiliness, irritation, or even breakouts. Each skin type has unique needs, and selecting a face wash that caters to those needs is crucial for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

      In this article, we will guide you on how to choose a face wash according to your skin type, so you can make an informed decision and achieve the best results for your skin. But first, let's understand what a face wash is and how it works.

      What is a Face Wash and How Does It Work?

      A face wash is a cleansing product designed to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities from the skin surface. It typically contains a combination of water, surfactants, and other active ingredients depending on the formulation and purpose. The surfactants in the face wash work by reducing the surface tension of the water and loosening the dirt and oil particles from the skin. When you apply the face wash onto your skin and massage it in, the surfactants surround and lift the impurities, which are then rinsed away with water.

      Some face washes are formulated with additional active ingredients that provide additional benefits such as exfoliation, hydration, or oil control. It's essential to choose a face wash that matches your skin type and concerns to achieve optimal results and avoid any adverse reactions.

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      How to Pick a Face Wash For Dry Skin?

      Let us understand how to choose a face wash that suits your dry skin and can help eliminate dryness and restore hydration.

      1. The cream is all you want

      A buttery, milky and opaque face wash is much more beneficial for your dry skin than any other cleanser. Because it helps to lock the hydration and moisture of your skin instead of ripping it off with its tough ingredients.

      2. No fragrance is the best fragrance

      Having dry skin, you must always look for a face wash that is scent-neutral. Because at times the perfume in the product may shoot the irritation for dry skin. So always look for “unscented or fragrance-free labels” of your face wash.

      3. Moisturization is a priority

      The face wash you are going for, has to have ingredients that keep your dry skin’s moisturization intact. Glycerine and ceramides are good for an extra boost of moisture, while aloe-vera and soy soothe your skin perfectly.

      4. Anti-ageing elements

      Too much ripped-off moisture out of your skin may lead to early aging, hence you need to take special care of it while cleansing. Make sure your face wash is comprised of ingredients like almond oil or saffron that may help to fight the signs of aging and keep your sensitive skin healthy.

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      How to Pick a Face Wash For Oily Skin?

      Choosing the right face wash can help control oil production, unclog pores, and keep your skin clean and healthy. Here are some tips on how to pick a face wash for oily skin:

      1. Gel with foam

      Gel or foam-based face washes are ideal for oily skin as they are lightweight, water-based, and can remove dirt and oil effectively without leaving any residue.

      2. Tea tea is your friend

      Tea tree oil can penetrate deep into the pores, detoxify the skin and relieves acne. It can also help reduce inflammation and prevent acne breakouts.

      3. Avoid harsh and abrasive scrubs

      Exfoliating scrubs with large beads or grains can be too rough for oily skin and cause irritation. Instead, opt for a gentle exfoliating face wash with smaller particles or chemical exfoliants like glycolic or lactic acid.

      4. Oil-free and non-comedogenic products

      Oil-free products help reduce excess oil production, while non-comedogenic products don't clog pores and cause breakouts.

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      How to Pick a Face Wash For Sensitive Skin?

      If you have sensitive skin, choosing the right face wash can be challenging, as many products can cause irritation, redness, or dryness. Here are some tips on how to pick a face wash for sensitive skin:

      1. Look for gentle and fragrance-free cleansers

      Fragrances can cause irritation and allergic reactions, so it's best to avoid them in face washes. Instead, choose a gentle, non-foaming, and fragrance-free cleanser that doesn't strip your skin's natural oils.

      2. Avoid harsh and abrasive ingredients

      Ingredients like alcohol, sulfates, and exfoliating beads can be too harsh for sensitive skin and cause irritation. Look for mild surfactants, such as cocamidopropyl betaine, that can clean the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

      3. Patch test before using new products

      Even if a product claims to be suitable for sensitive skin, it's always best to patch test it first. Apply a small amount to your inner arm and wait for 24 hours to see if there's any adverse reaction.

      4. Consult a dermatologist

      If you have severe sensitivity or a skin condition like rosacea or eczema, it's best to consult a dermatologist to recommend the best face wash for your skin type.

      Mylo Veda Kumkumadi Face Wash is enriched with Kumkumadi Thailam, Saffron, Almond Oil and Multani Mitti. Curated with the goodness of Ayurveda, this face wash is suitable for all skin types and works best in making the skin soft and plump and keeps it hydrated for long. Kumkumadi Thailam helps to improve the skin radiance, reduces dark spots and pigmentation. Infused with saffron, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Multani Mitti helps to control sebum and oil production and restores skin firmness. Almond oil reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

      Closing Thoughts

      It's essential to choose a face wash that matches your skin type and concerns to achieve optimal results and avoid any adverse reactions. Mylo has a range of curated face washes that cater to all skin types, whether it's dry, oily or sensitive.

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