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    How Long Can You Lay On Your Back When Pregnant?

    How Long Can You Lay On Your Back When Pregnant?

    Updated on 12 February 2024

    What Happens If You Accidentally Sleep On Your Back While Pregnant?

    Lying on the back reduces blood flow to the uterus, which causes serious complications. Usually, by 20 weeks, which is five months along, the weight starts increasing and puts pressure against the inferior vena cava. This causes less blood flow to the heart, and in turn, the mother and baby get less blood flowing to them. It leads to problems like low birth weight, preeclampsia, reduced fetal growth, and stillbirth. But the weight differs in people, so they should consult the doctor to understand when and if sleeping on their backs is okay.

    Sleeping on the back is comfortable for some, but during the third trimester, they should be cautious with their sleeping position. Pregnant people are not recommended to sleep on their backs after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The weight of the uterus can compress a major blood vessel that runs down near the spine, called the vena cava, which causes serious complications, such as lowering supplies of oxygen and nutrients to the developing fetus. They should try new sleeping positions as the belly grows, especially in the third trimester, and find one that is comfortable for them. The body is undergoing a lot of change as it carries a new life in the womb, tailored to enable the new life within to sustain and grow well. Amidst all these changes, women also need to care about their sleeping position.

    But what happens if one accidentally sleeps on their back? Many women tend to toss around to get comfortable while sleeping. It makes them nervous when they wake up and find out that they are flat on their back. They worry that it can harm the baby and become more restless. There is no need to worry so much; if waking up on their back, they can just turn over and sleep again on the side. By the time uterus is heavy enough to compress the vein, women will be so uncomfortable lying on their back that their bodies will flip over, even if they're asleep. Also, most people don't sleep the whole night without getting up because of frequent trips to the bathroom. So, there are significantly fewer chances to sleep on the back for a long.

    After 28 weeks of pregnancy, sleeping on the right side may have similar risks to sleeping on the back, as this position can compress the aorta, a major artery. So it is advised that sleeping on the left side is the safe alternative. Sleeping on the left side will ensure the proper flow of blood and nutrients; thus, the baby will grow well with a healthy weight at birth.

    When to stop sleeping on the back and belly during pregnancy?

    It's okay to sleep on the stomach during pregnancy. The mom-to-be will not be able to sleep comfortably once the stomach and breasts grow. But some are accustomed to sleeping on their stomach. They can try using a doughnut-shaped pillow to support them. Some women feel this helps them comfortably sleep on their stomachs until the second trimester. By halfway through the pregnancy, doctors will ask women to switch to sleeping on their side, as the pressure on the veins and internal organs is the least. This ensures the best blood flow to the uterus, which means the baby gets maximum nutrients and oxygen. Also, this helps the mother by decreasing swelling, varicose veins in her legs, and haemorrhoids.

    The Best Sleeping Position in Pregnancy

    The best way to sleep during the second half of pregnancy is on the side. But if they need help adjusting to side sleeping, they can try supporting different body parts with various pillows under the belly, between their legs, and their back. Also, try leaning on the back like in a half-lying pose, which helps with heartburn. But even with pillows, one can't lie down completely flat on the back, as it would not help with circulation.

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    It is evident that women feel anxious and have many questions regarding their sleeping positions and their baby's health. Myriads of information available on the internet or from magazines, people, etc., can confuse the expecting mother. Always consult the doctor and find out what is comfortable. Being happy and comfortable is the key to a happy, safe pregnancy.


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