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    Top Gadgets for Every New Parent

    Written on 20 July 2021

    If you are a new parent you may often face challenges in almost every step while handling your newborn baby or girl. Luckily, with advancements in technology, you may find many exclusive apps and gadgets to manage your newborn babies to tots in a hassle-free way. Here, we have discussed a few top gadgets, which a new parent should essentially have at home.

    1. Snoo Smart Sleeper

    Dr. Harvey Karp, a renowned pediatrician has invented the Snoo Smart Sleeper. The device has a speaker, three MICS, and two different motors to create diverse rocking motions. The combination thus helps your baby to boost its sleep up to two to three hours more at night. The sleeper tracks your baby’s crying and automatically responds with rocking and other similar types of sound. Snoo Smart Sleeper alerts parents if their baby requires more attention.

    1. Owlet Smart Sock

    Owlet Smart Sock is responsible to track both oxygen levels and heart rate. The sock also gives real-time notification to parents if it suspects anything wrong. You get three different socks in a single package. The size of smart socks may vary according to the age of your baby and the maximum size fits for 18 months. Besides, the socks have sensors and one can connect them by using Bluetooth. An interesting aspect is that Owlet Smart Sock shares notifications to any of your mobile apps. On the other side, the base station glows with a green light to intimate you that everything is all right.

    1. The iBaby Air

    The iBaby Air is a combination of an air quality purifier and a monitor to install in the bedroom of your tot. The device can detect cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, alcohol, benzene, methane, hydrogen, and ammonia, while comes with an ion purifier. Moreover, the purifier comes with two additional features i.e. in-built audio speaker and breathable RGB lights to create a relaxing or soothing environment.

    1. Hatch Baby Grow

    Hatch Baby Grow is much more than a simple changing pad. It consists of various wipe-based foams to monitor the weight of your baby. You may even compare the growth percentile of your baby at the global level. Other than this, Hatch Baby Grow is useful for tracking the sleeping hours, water consumption, and diaper changes of your baby. In simple words, the gadget provides every type of information, which your pediatrician often asks you.

    Overall, you will get tons of innovative gadgets to handle your new member of the family whether it is a simple crib rocking gently to help in sleeping or a sock to track their breathing patterns and heart rate.

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