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     All you need to know about symptoms and treatment of dry skin in babies  

    Written on 7 November 2017

    Dry skin can be uncomfortable for your baby and can become fussier. A baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than yours and produces fewer natural oils. So, it is natural that the skin can get dry easily.

    Symptoms of dry skin

    The symptoms of dry skin include the following:

    • Flaky and rough patches on skin

    • Red and Itchy areas

    • Presence of dry cracks

    • Frequent bleeding & infection

    How to prevent dry skin in a baby

    • As bath time can appear fun, try to keep it short as longer duration can lead to dry skin. You can also limit the frequency of bath unless your baby needs a little extra scrub. Use lukewarm water while bathing as it is less drying and cannot burn your baby.

    • While choosing a cleansing product, you can choose a gentle and fragrance-free product instead of a regular soap. An organic body wash with Aloe Vera extracts is always helpful.

    • After the bath, just pat dry the baby’s skin instead of rubbing the delicate skin with the towel.

    • Apply a layer of cream or petroleum jelly on your child’s skin during the chilly weather to prevent any dryness. Use of either a baby face cream or body lotion for babies after every bath is advisable to maintain the moisture levels of baby's skin.

    Use a gentle detergent for the baby’s laundry. Follow these tips to prevent your baby’s skin from getting dry and irritated.

    Natural treatment for baby’s dry skin

    • Ensure proper moisturization after every bath to prevent dryness and keep your baby’s skin damp.

    • Add a humidifier in the background to prevent any dryness which can affect your child’s skin.

    • Keep them hydrated by ensuring timely feeds.

    Presence of any allergies

    It is important to ascertain if your baby is suffering from any form of allergy such as dust or pollen which is affecting the skin. Talk to your doctor if you witness your child experiencing any form of allergies.

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