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    Top 10 Most Popular Babymoon Destinations in India

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    Top 10 Most Popular Babymoon Destinations in India

    Updated on 1 November 2022

    A babymoon is a getaway for parents and their babies before the baby comes into this world. There are plenty of destinations in India perfect for expecting couples. Let's see how every destination can add a special feeling and experience to the babymoon trip.

    Top 10 Babymoon Destinations in India

    Here are some of the most popular babymoon destinations you can go to in India:

    1.Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir

    For people who love travelling to the mountains, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty. Watching the mesmerising scene of sunset on the boat in Dal Lake or Nagin Lake gives a pretty romantic feeling. Walking in the huge Mughal Garden in a pollution-free atmosphere is the best way to spend a great evening on holiday. Or else just keep enjoying the majestic Himalayas and nature all around while relishing this gift of the bundle in your tummy.

    2. Goa

    Watching waves on a beach can be therapeutic, calming, and relaxing. It is a vibrant city and gives one a lot of time to unwind and pamper themselves before stepping into motherhood. Goa can be one of the most relaxing babymoon destinations; as the weather is pretty amazing plus they have some relishing local cuisines that are a must try.

    3. Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Get the royalty treatment in the city of lakes surrounded by the Aravallis range. It is a perfect babymoon place to soak oneself in a luxurious stay in a city with massive palaces, lush green gardens, and old temples. Expecting parents have a lot to do in Udaipur, such as go shopping, and fill their wardrobe or room décor with many colourful handicrafts and clothes.

    4. Pondicherry, Puducherry

    Pondicherry never disappoints travellers and offers a variety of options to sit and relax on the sand while enjoying the sunset and treating your taste buds with French delicacies. City also offers magnificent monuments to be explored.

    Moreover, the view at the beach can be a romantic backdrop to capture those moments forever. Therefore, if they wish to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather besides the beach, Pondicherry is another great babymoon destination to consider.

    5. Kumarakom, Kerala

    This place is God's very own country and a magnificent gateway to the perfect way to relax in the lap of nature. They also have the option to book a houseboat and sail through water channels and canopies of tall trees with lush green surroundings. Or just relax at the beach while treating your taste buds to authentic seafood. This place is a calm and soothing place to give you a relaxing experience as a babymoon destination in India.

    6.Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

    It is very close to Mumbai and offers a magnificent view of a mountain range with huge magnificent waterfalls and is worth spending time to view sunrise and sunset. It is a perfect place to unwind among the green mountains and try this city's fresh produce of strawberries and raspberries. This hill station is one of the ideal babymoon places for a couple to de-stress and plan to welcome their baby.

    7. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

    Looking for the best babymoon destinations in India? Well, here is the answer, Agra is famous for the monument of love, the Taj Mahal. It is a perfect place to celebrate love and thoughts. This city offers a beautiful holiday where you can enjoy the monuments of the Mughal era.

    8. Shillong, Meghalaya

    This land is known as the abode of clouds, with fascinating history and culture to be discovered. Breath-taking scenic beauty and architecture of the magnificent monuments make this city one of the famous babymoon destinations in India.

    Anyone will love the incredible biodiversity, with dense rainforests, waterfalls, and bamboo forests among the majestic mountains. Why not enjoy nature in so many forms and make it a perfect babymoon holiday?

    9. Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Jaipur is known as a pink city and is witness to the royal lives with splendid forts and palaces of all Maharajas. So, one plans their babymoon holiday in this city that offers various delicious Rajasthan delicacies, local colourful art, and culture. Get indulged in the colourful city while feeling like a royal person, as the city will always treat people very nicely. This is a good babymoon destination if the expecting parents love to explore architecture, history, and monuments.

    10. Amritsar, Punjab

    Amritsar is the home to the Harminder Sahib, the holiest and most sacred shrine for the Sikhs. It is also known as the Golden City of India. They can decide to travel and have a babymoon holiday in Amritsar if they want to enjoy the calm and beautiful positive vibrations of this holy place and city. This city offers so many feelings as a babymoon destination.

    India is a land of wonder, and there is no better time to visit than when you are expecting a new baby. From the beautiful temples of Rajasthan to the serene beaches of Kerala and Goa or the magnificent mountains of Srinagar, there are many amazing places to explore. So whether looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure, India offers the perfect places to relax on babymoon holidays while enjoying the feeling of becoming parents!

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